Sony Doesn't Need Cross-play, But Should Have Joined

Sony doesn't need to be involved with console cross-play. They are the biggest selling and most popular console, so by default they already have more players than both Microsoft and Nintendo. And why would they prevent the sale of a PS4 because said consumer can't play with their friend who already owns one? 

I'll tell you why. 

Sony has now given the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch an exclusive feature. By not participating they have made, what could have been nothing, something.  

This feature has now combined the the two companies who would NEVER have joined forces. Let's face it, if ANY of the three did stuff together it would be Sony and Nintendo. 

I believe the relationship will get stronger as time goes on. Both companies can now develop games targeted towards cross-play. Who knows, we could see Master Chief on the Switch. Or how about "Cross-play exclusive" games, co-op games that require a Switch player and an Xbox One player. Hmmm.

I'm calling it now. Xbox will get the Mario Minecraft DLC. 

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