Super Nintendo World Details Revealed

Some details were revealed on Tuesday in regards to the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park from Universal Studios Japan. 

Mainly, they are doing this thing RIGHT. It doesn't look like it will be a bunch of "themed" rides. Instead, there will be interactive experiences which "put you in the game" and if there is any company that can make it work, it's Nintendo. 

Here's the "reveal trailer" for the park:

Yes, it's a music video. But it shows what Universal Studios Japan has been promising, a place where fans will feel like they are really in the game. The big technology here being the bracelet that you wear. It's how you interact with things. It also syncs with the app on your phone to keep track of your score and coins that you gather throughout the park. We have yet to know what you would use the coins for.

Here's a demonstration of one way you would aquire coins: 

Seems like Super Nintendo World, especially if they decide to add other properties, could give all other parks a run for their money. 

We'll talk about it more on Monday! 

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