Death Stranding Drops on PC Early June, Featuring Crossover with Half-Life

PC players will have a chance to experience Death Stranding June 2nd, 2020. The Kojima vehicle will be available on Epic Store and Steam, as well as physical copies to be sold in retail stores. Amongst many of its new features, early images shows Sam wearing a headcrab cosmetic addition.

The PC port will boast other prominent upgrades such as an ultra-wide monitor display option, higher frame rate, and a new photo mode that will likely take advantage of many entertaining selfie opportunities.

Death Stranding launched November 8, 2019. Headed by a production team that included Kenichiro Imaizumi, Ken Mendoza, James Vance, and writer Shuyo Murata, Hideo Kojima's first project under Kojima Productions was highlighted at the 2019 Game Awards and won for Best Score & Music, Best Game Direction, and Best Performance (Mad Mikkelson). Upon its release, the reception to Death Stranding became more polarizing than the game itself ever intended to be. Amidst the middling reviews, Death Stranding was a top seller for the PlayStation 4 throughout the month of November.

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