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Another new Switch Model?

The Switch is getting a new model... well sorta. While it's not the rumored "pro" model thats been rumored, it is an upgrade to the current models. The biggest upgrade is the battery life. 

The original…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Pokemon Snap (Nintendo 64)

Up until the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the mainline series was never featured on Nintendo's major home consoles. Instead, the N64 and Gamecube saw many attempts at making experimental ventures. Perhaps the most popular of these being Pokemon Battle Stadium. I never had a chance to play it, heard it was good. Instead I gravitated…


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Switch Lite

One of the big rumors for E3 was Nintendo was going to announce a new Switch model. That didn't happen. 

However, they did end up announcing a new Switch Model... in the middle of July.

The Nintendo Switch Lite.

This leaner version of the Nintendo Switch is focused more on portability then anything else. Sporting a sleeker design…


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Cuphead Gets His Own Show

Cuphead is going to Netflix in the form of the Cuphead Show!

And why wouldn’t it? In fact, I would think they’d kill two birds if game production coincided with the show. And imagine the in-game events that they could have with a show running alongside the game.

Netflix could go a step…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Super Metroid (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

When the conversation of the greatest video game of all time comes up, certainly it's subjective and there's no general consensus on formulating a definitive answer. And I try to not sound like a product of my time (says the guy that writes a column that exclusively talks about retro games), but I feel the world's greatest video games on the planet…


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The Nintendo Age Of Censorship

Nintendo has had a history of censoring their games. From turning blood to sweat in the original Mortal Kombat to removing religious symbols from The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo went a little crazy with their censorship rules.…


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KORG & Nintendo At It Again

IPad DJ's take note. You will now be able to use your Nintendo Switch to put on concerts! 

KORG will be releasing a version of its music creation software "KORG Gadget" for the Nintendo Switch. Titled "KORG Gadget 3.0" and being released on July 11th for the Nintendo Eshop. This update brings the software more in line with the iOS and Android…


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WayForward Drops a Trailer for River City Girls

The long-running Kunio-kun/ River City series will see another entry with the official announcement of River City Girls. Taking the role of Kyoko and Misako, the two tough-as-nails high schoolers battle their way through six regions of River City to rescue their boyfriends and longtime franchise mainstays, Kunio and Riki.…


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Studio MDHR Teases The First DLC For Cuphead To Be Delayed

The first DLC from Studio MDHR for Cuphead entitled "The Last Delicious Course" was originally announced on June 10th, 2018 and was set to be released sometime in 2019. Today it was announced that the DLC has been delayed to a 2020 release. During the original announcement the DLC was going to be exclusively released to Xbox One and PC. Since that…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)

You want a hot take? I still think that despite this game's flaws, it's still one of the most entertaining TMNT games out there. Like Karate Champ, the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of those NES carts almost every kid had and every kid played. The difference being is that while Karate Champ was a deliciously bad title that was fun to…


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Platinum Games Has No Plans for Extra Content in Astral Chain, Aims for a Trilogy

Platinum Games is looking to push its boundaries with Astral Chain. In a recent IGN interview, Takahisa Taura spoke about the prospects of the upcoming Nintendo Switch action game. With its futuristic setting and high paced action, this title looks to add some very unique variables and a creative spin on combat with the incorporation of the Legions,…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Fighter's History (SNES)

The term knock-off generally carries negative connotations and is met with eye rolling reactions. Throughout the early 90's, the golden period of fighting games brought along its many copycats. I fathom to think about the literal dozens of that one guy who has to own that ONE game who rushed out to buy an Atari Jaguar just to say he owns and plays…


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Dr. Mario Returns In July

At first I was excited. A new Dr. Mario! One of the best Tetris clones ever made is coming to mobile!

Then I realized that this is not Dr. Mario. Not the one I know and love.…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Zelda II The Adventure of Link (NES)

I'm on record for Listing Zelda II as being in one of my top five favorite games in the franchise. The first one was memorable as hell. You're an elf kid, you got no true destination. Just go into a cave and old dude gives you some equipment. From there, you set out on an adventure that you can almost literally carve your own way as you look for…


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Super Mario Bros. Has Gone Battle Royale

The idea that Battle Royale genre games need to in first person are in the rear view mirror. We know this now because of Nintendo's Tetris 99, which is awesome by the way and free on the Nintendo Switch, go try it. Anyway...

From reading the headline I know what you are thinking, "really, do we need another Royale game?" I say yes and this unofficial Mario Royale game is exactly what we need.…


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SNK Reportedly Denied PC Exclusive Deal For Samurai Shodown

SNK's return to its weapon's based 2D fighter is less than two weeks away (June 25th), and director Noboyuki Kuroki is confident in Samurai Shodown's return to the fighting game scene. The series will be on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the PC version will be a little time away.

According to SNK fan…


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The Turbografx-16 Mini Revealed by Konami

Mini console mania continues to roll forward. Over the last three years, an interest in plug and play retro consoles has seen the demand for the NES Classic supercede its expectations that production couldn't be met. Nintendo followed up with the much acclaimed SNES Classic in 2017. Sony jumped on the bandwagon and took a shot at their own retro…


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Nintendo E3 Direct

Nintendo never does E3. They always do a direct, and the last few E3 Directs have been really good with setting the company, and the fans up, for what to expect in the coming year and beyond. This one was no exception. 

Lets get started. Before we get into the games and release dates, I want to get Super Smash Bros Ultimate out of the…


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The Witcher III Journeys to the Nintendo Switch

It had been widely speculated around last year if CD Projekt RED had any interest in bringing any titles to the Nintendo Switch. On June 5th, Geralt voice actor Doug Cockle intensified those rumors by responding to a tweet that featured a doctored image of The Witcher III as it may appear as a Switch copy.…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Virtua Cop (Sega Saturn)

It's a discussion I intend to save for another day, but when I define retro, there's some cornerstones that were very indicative of the time. Light gun games are one of them. And Virtua Cop was one of the more entertaining ones and I spent literal pounds of quarters. Sega's AM2 team defined an era for me as a video game fan in my early teens, and the…


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