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Black Panther DLC For Lego Marvel Superheroes Gets A Trailer

Hail to the kind (of Wakanda) baby!  I haven't seen the movie yet so I don't really know what's happening, but I did see some cool team up moves and mutant crocodiles. 

Credit: Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment

I don't know what that…


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PTR Charger Changes In Overwatch

OverWatch game director Jeff Kaplen has posted a developer update to the Overwatch YouTube page detailing some character changes coming to the PTR and some thoughts on what they will be doing to future characters. 

These are some interesting…


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Is Google Making A Console?

While there hasn't been and official announcement, there are rumors that Google will be launching it's own streaming-based gaming service.  Currently code named "Yeti", there is still speculation if it will be a console for streaming to Chromecast compatible devices or if it will be a stand-alone console.  In 2014 the Nexus (pictured below) was released by none other than...GOOGLE…


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A Wild Blanka Appears In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Ever since the release of Street Fighter V I've been waiting for Blanka to be in the game.  when he and Sagat were announced in December of last year I was squealing at the screen like a giddy child (video of the announcement here, sadly no video of me squealing)  Here's the game play trailer that was released today.…


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Kingdom Come : Deliverance Has a Day 1 Patch That's 23 GB!

Coming out today is Kingdom Come : Deliverance.  The game is, as Kotaku put it "(A) Medieval RPG with no magic bullshit".  It started as a Kickstarter Campaign to create an RPG based around 15th century Bohemia.  For those of you like me that had no idea where that is I googled it.  It's the western part of the modern day Czech Republic.  It will be released to Xbox and Playstation.  Here's a video explaining some aspects of the gameplay;…


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OWL Week 5 Results and Stage 1 Playoffs

Wow... What a week. Dreams were crushed and dreams were made. Boston, after having an amazing set against Philly, failed to beat Houston (in, IMO the best set of high level Overwatch we have seen) too secure their playoff spot. After having a rough start, Dallas managed to win a game in a dominate fashion. If…


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Stop With The Trailers. We Want The Game

The D23 expo is going on right now in Japan. For those who don't know, D23 is the Disney fan expo. It covers everything from movies, to TV shows, to of course. Gaming.

This year is no different. 

Ladies and gentleman. I give you, the 300th trailer to Kingdom Hearts 3. 

Along with the trailer, we got a release date.…


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What's The Deal With Loot Boxes?

     Lootboxes seem to be one of the biggest controversies in gaming today.  Gamers are boycotting AAA titles, governments are considering banning them, but what's the big deal?  Let's take a look.



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Reminder: Elder Scrolls 6 Is at least "Two Big Game Releases" Away

     So this is sort of good news and bad news.  The good news is that there will eventually be a sequel to Skyrim.  The bad news is that we're going to have to "manage expectations" according to Pete Hines, head of public relations for Bethesda.  These aren't going to be small titles either, "We are not talking about things like a Fallout Shelter kind of project but, like, big multi-platform releases like you expect," he said. …


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Are Almost Here

Ohhhhh childhood...

Yes! I haven't been this excited about a DLC for a fighting game since the Predator in Mortal Kombat X. There have been a lot of speculation about the turtles, one character or can you choose any individual turtle. Well, Ed Boon answered that question today on his Twitter account.…


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(Edited) Developing Story From The Overwatch League That You Can't Miss

Last Sunday I report that Geguri has been signed to an OWL team. It took 48 hours for this news to change drastically. 

Where it started was a reddit post, saying that during a live stream. Geguri commented that she was picked up by "a foreign team" and gave no other information on it. The rumors started flying on what team picked her up. Names like Dallas and Boston were flying around, as she has ties to both of those teams in one way or another. 

The next day it was…


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Far Cry 5 News Roundup

With a March 27 release date coming up there has been a flood of Far Cry 5 news and trailers.  First is the story trailer.  

Credit: Ubisoft

     Creepy cult leader in a small town?  This is a really cool concept that I don't think has…


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Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Launch Trailer!!

I have been unreasonably excited for Shaq Fu : A Legend Reborn.  I really liked the original pre-Shaqtus, pre-big Aristotle, pre-Hobo Master (yeah that's really one of his nicknames) game.  The new one looks really cool.  The only fault I see so far is not calling it Shaq Fu Part 2.  Check out the trailer below.…


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Now That The Superb Owl Has Flown Its Mutant Football League Time

     In a story that fell through the proverbial cracks Mutant Football League launched.  Here is the launch trailer featuring the voice of NBA Jam's Tim Kitzrow (playing Grim Blitzrow)

It's Blitz time baby!  Credit :…


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OWL Week 4 Results An Standings

Not a super big week in terms of upsets but, a lot did happen. First off, this was the week of sweeps. Out of the 12 games total played this week, 8 of them were 4-0's (which lead to the new meme "4-0verwatch"). So nothing exciting at all. The Dragons once again lost all of their matches and are…


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Ant-Man And The Wasp First Trailer

I was a big fan of the first Ant-Man and of course his appearance in Civil War. Of course at the end of Ant-Man we we're introduced to the Wasp suit that will be worn by Evangeline Lilly.

...and I was right, she looks smokin' hot as the Wasp. Anyway, here is the first trailer for…


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Xbox Gamepass Will Now Include ALL Microsoft Developed games

In a big announcement today, Microsoft is going to include Microsoft Studios titles.  This means games like State of Decay, Crackdown 3, and even Sea of Thieves will be part of the Xbox Gamepass.  This is great news for subscribers and gamers in general.  If you were planning on buying a game like Halo or Gears of War then it makes sense to purchase half a year of the gamepass.  A part of this that went under the radar is that Microsoft will also begin selling 6 month passes for 59.99.  This…


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OWL Week 3 Results And Standings

The upsets are real. 

While teams are getting more and more comfortable with each out, learning their habits, good and bad, teams are going to get naturally better working together as a unit. This is the week where it paid off. Upset, after upset, after upset. From Boston, to New…


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Funko Season 3 Overwatch Pops Coming!

New Overwatch Funko Pops are on their way and this next set is my favorite so far. Not only does it include my prior mains, Mercy and Zarya, but Sombra is part of the mix. Being a newer character, I would have thought it wouldn't be till season 5 or 6 that we'd see her. 

And I love…


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OWL Week 2 Results And Standings

Its that time again. Overwatch League Season 1 week 2. 

Current Standings as of January 23rd. 

Team Overall Record Map…

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