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E3 Could Be A Thing Of The Past

Sony reported today that they will be skipping 2019's E3. That's right, the traditional E3 presentation could be a thing of the past, or could it? I ask that rhetorical question because it's pretty much the best evidence that a new console(PS5?) is on it's way. Either way PlayStation Direct has a good ring to it, but I think that's already a Nintendo…


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Blizzcon 2018 Announcement Round Up

Post has been updated.

Wow. We got a lot of info for our favorite franchises, and I am going to be breaking down a lot of them. 

First off, lets start with the small stuff. Hearthstone

Rastakan's Rumble is going to be released this…


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Buffalo Bills Use Play Right Out Of Tecmo Super Bowl

I know we don't talk a lot of sports on the show but this can't be ignored. I'm sure our friends at Tecmo Cleveland would agree this is amazing. But don't take our word for it, here is video proof of the Bills executing that play. Video courtesy of Deadspin.…


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Massive Blizzcon Leak

Grain of salt ladies and gentleman. 

Blizzcon is this weekend and a massive leak of all of their announcements has hit 4chan. 

I'm seeing a lot of stuff that has been rumored for awhile now. Diablo 2 remaster is supposed to be announced at like every Blizzcon event. But a mobile "beat'em…


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Playstation Classic Gets A Complete Game Reveal

Sony has finally given us a full games list of what to expect on their upcoming Playstation Classic. 

It's launching on December 3rd and is priced at $100. I'm not quite sure that it's really worth it, especially with my stance on "retro" being pre-CD games. 

Here is the full list:

Grand Theft Auto

Battle Arena Toshinden …


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Soulcalibur VI Gets An Interesting Guest Star

Bandai/Namco is not disappointing with SoulCalibur 6, and like its sister fighter Tekken, its also getting its own set of guest characters. 

First up, YoRHa No. 2 Type B, or for anybody who has played Nier: Automata, 2B. 

No release date as of yet, but they announced her…


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It's A Good Time To Be A Patron

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Rumor: Diablo 3 Cross-Play

Diablo 3 is back in the rumor mill. As I reported last week, Diablo is the first game set to have a panel at Blizzcon this year. Blizzard has stated that they have announcements, and I talked about an animated series that was leaked via Twitter.  

Now, the rumor going around is that Blizzard…


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Diablo Kicks Off The Show

More info has been coming out about this years Blizzcon event. 

If you purchase the virtual ticket, you will now get a chance to play WoW:Classic.

WoW: Classic is vanilla WoW, with no fluff, no expansions, nothing. Its just plain old 2004 WoW. A lot of people have been interested in…


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X-Men: Dark Phoenix

They hinted at this in the last movie and today Fox has released the first trailer to X-Men: Dark Phoenix. …


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Stick Of Truth On The Switch

We knew this was going to happen eventually, we just didn't know when. When Fractured But Whole was announced for the PS4 and X1. Stick of Truth was the pre-order bonus for those systems, and then it got an official release for those consoles earlier this year.

When Fractured But Whole was…


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Sony Finally Caves On Crossplay

We won!

For 24 years, we have strived to deliver the best gaming experience to our fans by providing a uniquely PlayStation perspective. Today, the communities around some games have evolved to the point where cross-platform experiences add significant value to players. In recognition…

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Rumor: Is A Castlevania Collection On Its Way? *Updated*

Story has been updated. Look below for update. 

Gotta love Korea. 

Once again the Game Rating and Administration Committee - the Korean version of the ESRB here in the states - has a new listing up for a Castlevania Collection on the PS4. Titled…


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Are We Getting A Good Transformers Movie?

I am old. I remember watching the original G1 Transformers on TV. I loved it. It was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. I owned all the toys and played with them constantly. I was doing GI Joe\Transformers cross overs before it was "cool". I also did Transformers\Ninja Turtles cross…


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Rumor: Blizzard Doing Animated Diablo TV Series On Netflix

Grain of salt everybody. 

Boom! Studios founder "Andrew Cosby" semi-confirmed that he is working with Netflix and Blizzard on an animated Diablo TV series for the streaming service. 

A TV series has been rumored for 2 years now, with Netflix saying they were interested in…


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Sources Confirm Telltale Games Shutting Down

It was reported last year that Telltale Games, makers of many narrative adventure games, laid off 90 employees due to years of mismanagement. 

It is being reported today that Telltale Games is closing its doors for good according to multiple sources. The former employees have taken to social…


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Joaquin Phoenix First Look As The Joker With Makeup

I need a few days to really have this sink in. My opinion is very cloudy, I want to hate this but something in me is resisting that hate. What do you think? here is the first look of Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker...…


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Possible Blizzcon 2018 Leak

Blizzcon, the annual event that celebrities everything Blizzard Entertainment, is right around the corner - Nov 2nd and 3rd. 

So let the leaks commence by none other than Goldman Sachs... ? 

Yup, the first bit of leakage comes from the mega bank Goldman Sachs. They predict that Blizzcon 2018 is…


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Famicom Games & Game Share For The Switch?

Hey everybody! Two cool little new things you can now do with your Nintendo Switch after the 6.0 update. 

Download Japaneses NES (Famicom) games

Why would you do this? Easy, the Famicom console had additional sound chips in the system, making…


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Another "Mini" Console Is Coming

PlayStation has surprisingly entered the retro gaming console arena with the PlayStation Classic. 

As expected, it's quite smaller than the original and is fueled by emulation. 

It will come with 20 games, 5 of which they've already announced. 

- Final Fantasy 7

- Jumping Flash

- Ridge Racer Type 4

- Tekken 3

- Wild Arms

Now, I grew up with the PlayStation and can say that I'm not excited about the games…


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