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Bungie Parts Ways With Activision

In a blog posted today, Bungie has announced that it is officially splitting ties with partner Activision. A partnership that has lasted for 8 years and 2 games. 

They're not just splitting ties, they are establishing them self as their own studio. No longer tied down by another company and more importantly, no longer having to answer to another…


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Top 10 Things Nintendo Needs To Do For The Switch

I love my Switch, I really do. But its lacking something. So I have compiled a list of 10 things that I feel Nintendo needs to do with the Switch. 

In no real order. 

1) Online Service. 

While Nintendo has been dabbling with online services since the Super NES. In this new modern area, we kind of expect our online services to work. Switch online is just terrible, especially for a paid service. While it is cheap, at only $20, that doesn't excuse it for…


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Overwatch Has A New In Game Event

With the introduction of the newest short story, the first of many that are going to be coming, we have a new challenge ahead of us. 

Hot of the heels of the Nuka Cola challenge for D.Va last year. This time…


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Fantastic Four Coming To Marvel's Spider-Man On PS4

Very soon after Marvel released the last installment of their first DLC "The City That Never Sleeps" they come out with this bomb. Announced at the very end of Marvel's livestream kickoff to Fantastic Four Week was "that something 'Fantastic' is…


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Overwatch May Be Going Free To Play

Game Industry analyst Michael Pachter from Wedbush Securities has made some dead on predictions, and some not so. However this year he has predicted something that kind of scares me...

Overwatch going free to play.…

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Rumor: Nintendo Direct on January 10th

Happy New Year to everybody!

With the New Year, comes new rumors! We all love rumors right? 

This one is kind of a big one. Gaming web site "Gaming INTEL" got an exclusive leak on a possible Nintendo Direct coming this month. As soon as the 10th of January. 



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Top Characters We Want To See In The New Mortal Kombat 11

These are our top 3 characters we would like to see make an appearance in Mortal Kombat 11. Plus we give you our pick for what Injustice character makes an appearance. What is your top 3? Check back every time they make an addition to MK 11, for every right answer it equals 1 point. Spanish won last time with the Injustice 2 predictions, who will…


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It's A-Me, Mario

For 25 years now, Charles Martinet has been the voice of Mario. Starting with Mario's Game Gallery released on the PC in '95 and continuing on to the preset time with the newly released Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. Collectively in total, Martinet has been the voice of Mario 100 times. 

And according to the people…


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The Anthem Controversy

Over this past weekend, EA did a private alpha for the newest Bioware RPG, Anthem. While I was in the alpha, I cannot talk about what I experienced (trust me, it was kinda ehh). 

This isn't what I am here to talk about. 

Many social media outlets and even gaming web sites are talking about the issue that transpired during the alpha.…


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Rumor: Persona 5 Coming To Switch?

For those who have been living underground for the last week. Joker, from Persona 5, is coming to Smash Bros. He is going to be the first DLC character released after launch. 

With this, there is now a huge rumor going around that Atlus is planning on releasing a "Persona 5 collection" some time next year. 

In now deleted tweets by…


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Nintendo's Exclusive Consolation Marvel Game

It started out exciting. A new Marvel game!

But then I realized that the graphics looked "meh". There is no way that THIS was a product of Square Enix. 

The reason is that it's not.

It's actually published by Nintendo themselves and developed by Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden series, Dead or Alive series).

The game…


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It Has Finally Arrived

After much speculating and rumors. Marvel Studios has finally dropped the first trailer to newest Avengers movie. 

Titled "Avengers: Endgame". It follows the survivors of Infinity War as they struggle to cope with what transpired during the events and what follows in the wake of it. 



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Rapper Soulja Boy Has Released A Game Console And It Sounds Amazing

You see it, this is no joke. Rapper Soulja Boy has released a console and a handheld unit and it's way more than anyone expected. The official names are SouljaGame Console and SouljaGame Handheld. Now these consoles are actually very impressive, the console has 800 built in games and the handheld has 3,000 games built in. No official list of games but…


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The Minis Are Taking Over

Did Sega just confirm that they are working on a Dreamcast mini? 

This coming from Sega's own official Japanese Twitter account asking its fans to pick their favorite Dreamcast design. 

The Dreamcast was the last Sega console to be released, and blamed for their down fall. Despite it being…


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Rockstart: "Red Dead Online Starts Tomorrow"

Everybody was wondering, and now its official. Tomorrow, Nov 27th is the first day of Red Dead Online! 

.. Well at least the beta. 

Promised to launch "a month or so after the game" and then not talked about again, Rockstar announced over Twitter this morning that the Online servers will be open tomorrow for a beta test. If its anything…


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Yes this is very much real. 

With the success of the Switch, Nintendo is rolling in money. What better way to show off that you just don't care? Build an amusement park of course! Or at least license your brands off to so somebody else can build it. We all know how great licensing your properties worked for Marvel, so why not right…


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Happy Birthday WoW

November 23, 2004. That is the day that World of Warcraft was released. Blizzard is starting to celebrate it early! 

Starting today, logging into your active WoW account gives you the feat of strength "WoW's 14 Anniversary" and an "Anniversary Gift" box. Opening the box gives you 3 things. Celebration Package,…


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E3 Could Be A Thing Of The Past

Sony reported today that they will be skipping 2019's E3. That's right, the traditional E3 presentation could be a thing of the past, or could it? I ask that rhetorical question because it's pretty much the best evidence that a new console(PS5?) is on it's way. Either way PlayStation Direct has a good ring to it, but I think that's already a Nintendo…


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Blizzcon 2018 Announcement Round Up

Post has been updated.

Wow. We got a lot of info for our favorite franchises, and I am going to be breaking down a lot of them. 

First off, lets start with the small stuff. Hearthstone

Rastakan's Rumble is going to be released this…


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Buffalo Bills Use Play Right Out Of Tecmo Super Bowl

I know we don't talk a lot of sports on the show but this can't be ignored. I'm sure our friends at Tecmo Cleveland would agree this is amazing. But don't take our word for it, here is video proof of the Bills executing that play. Video courtesy of Deadspin.…


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