Fallout 4 Mods Are [Kind Of] Here.

Bethesda tweeted out yesterday that closed beta invites for Fallout 4 Mods are now going out to Xbox One owners!  This is going to be a great feature and it really opens up a whole new way to interact with PC gamers. If you want to sign up, head over to Bethesda.net. You must be registered to Bethesda first, btw. 

You can even take a gander at what's in store right here.

No exact "start" dates have been revealed, but the next update for Fallout 4 will prepare the game for the upcoming mods. 

And it also looks like Playstation 4 owners with have to wait a while longer. 

We'll definitely be talking about this on the next Game Fix Podcast at Conradio.com!

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