Nintendo Introduces...This Workout Thing??

Alright, it's time to get in shape with the Nintendo Switch...I think. In a video titled "First Look At A New Experience For The Nintendo Switch", a contraption designed to focus on crossfit yoga training looks to be making its way to the console. For the sake of analysis, let's call it a device, appears to be a vulcanized rubber ring that is capable of retracting and bending in various manners, with slots to place Joycons. This is no doubt capitalizing on the HD motion controls and sensors to track movement. It's difficult to get a read on what the players are reciprocating to, as gameplay footage is not shown at all. Throughout the ad, it goes through various parts of the globe, like Madrid, Dallas, and Rome, showcasing people, for the sake of analysis, let's say they're "having fun".

With Nintendo Labo, the company certainly tried an idea that was out there with cardboard, and I found it fascinating, if not for everyone, as the tech really worked. So perhaps with this, they're either seeking to be on the cutting edge of interactive motion control technology, or they're aiming to dominate clicks and entries on More details to come September 12th, I guess. 

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