RUMOR: Live Action Kingdom Hearts Series Reportedly In Development For Disney+

With last year seeing the most recent release in the Kingdom Hearts series and Disney's streaming service and its possibilities set to roll out in November of 2019, speculation following on production of a television series was bound to follow. 

Recently, rumors began circling the internet about a live action show based on the popular franchise. While there's no discernible official source to confirm these speculations, without question the prospects could prove to be an interesting endeavor for Disney to utilize their intellectual properties or feature cameos, not unlike Wreck it Ralph or the early 2000's animated series House of Mouse.

The original Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2 and has gone on to become a smash hit with its compelling, over-complex narrative and charming characters. Following the adventures of Sora, he and allies Donald and Goofy aid King Mickey on their quest to eradicate the forces of darkness and save his friends, Riku and Kairi. Mind you, that's a rather very abridged version of the Kingdom Hearts plot...

Clearly there's currently nothing that would indicate how a script would play out or even casting, but in today's news cycle, there could be fire where there's smoke. Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover was an hour long cinematic feature that helped fill gaps in the story in between games, so it wouldn't the first time the franchise has dabbled in this medium. Should anything become of this, it certainly shall be reported upon.

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