See Black Ops 4 In Action! [UPDATE]

Today at 1p (est) Black Ops IIII will be revealed during the Community Event. We'll see gameplay and other "classified intel". 

We know that Black Ops 4 will NOT have a single player campaign, whilst the forthcoming Remaster of Modern Warfare 2 will NOT have multiplayer. Hmm. Another bundle? 

Check out the livestream and let us know what you think. 


Here is the event in it's entirety:

It looks great and it will be the first COD hosted on Blizzards' Battle Net

Very Zombies. 3 full zombies "experiences" on Day 1. Seems that in place of a campaign, we're getting a Left for Dead type "episode" experience. You can now add AI partners and customize zombie games.

A Battle Royale mode called Blackout has been added and it's a combination of all past BLOPs characters, including old Zombies characters, past map sections, and vehicles on the biggest map they've ever made. I'm honestly thinking, Battlefield with no respawn. We'll see how it pans out. 

We'll talk more on the podcast. I'm excited for this one. 

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