Capcom Announces Exoprimal Release Date, Day One On Game Pass

Capcom's newest IP, the third-person dinosaur shooter was initially revealed a year and several days ago from this press date. 12 months later, Exoprimal has a new trailer with more details around the game's plot and lore, as well as a launch date.

While rifts in time and space, called vortexes, have led to an overrun of dinosaurs across the world. The Hammerheads are forced into wargames scenarios, and with the aid of exofighter Magnum, the crew learns how to survive the never-ending loop of battles that always transports them to the same date.

The Dino Survival mode pits two 5v5 teams against each other in various scenarios. Some objectives require you to directly take down your opponent, while others may have you work together to take down larger enemies and bosses. Compete in Dino Survival to unlock portions of the game's story, as well as earning EXP to boost your EXO suit levels. Powered by Capcom's RE Engine, Exoprimal certainly appears to be trying something unique, balancing single player psychology with a variation on asymmetrical team-based multi-player. 

Exoprimal launches July 14th, 2023 for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One (day one availability on Game Pass), PlayStation 5, PS4, Windows, and Steam. An open beta will run from March 17 to the 20th, with cross-platform matchmaking. Info for the beta can be found here.


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