Juri And Newcomer Kimberly Join Street Fighter 6 Roster

Following the Street FIghter V Champion Edition Grand Finals during EVO, which saw 2019 defending EVO champion iDom take down some of the best players like Daigo and Tokido before losing to Japanese player Kawano, Capcom revealed a new roster reveal trailer for Street FIghter 6. This new video highlights the franchise's newest personality, the spunky African American ninja Kimberly. And returning, one of Street Fighter's more popular characters, the femme fatale Juri.

A trainee of Bushin Style Arts master Guy (from Street Fighter Alpha and Final Fight) she fights using techniques similar to he and SFV's Zeku, utilizing spray paint cans in her fighting. That seems similar to King of Fighters XV's Isla. Kimberly also has a strong fascination with retro pop culture, and always carries a Walk Man and tape cassette with her. She was rumored to be showcased earlier in the year during the Summer Games Fest, but ended up being Guile instead. 

Her Super Arts incorporate rhythmic dance moves, along with her ninja techniques.

Bushin Beats (1 Stock) – Kimberly rushes forward and knocks down an opponent, then follows up with a flurry of attacks. If a Shuriken Bomb is stocked up, Kimberly uses it to add additional damage.

Bushin Scramble (2 Stocks) – Kimberly sends the opponent into the air and parkours along the edge of the stage pelting them with mid-air attacks, then ensnares them with a dive bomb-like attack.

Bushin Ninjastar Cypher (3 Stocks) – Get ready to drop the beat! Kimberly detonates an arsenal of spray cans around the opponent culminating in a chromatic graffiti tag on the ground.

No doubt back by popular demand, Juri returns to Street Fighter 6 with a play style that is closer to her Street Fighter 4 incarnation (fans were quick to notice her dive kick has returned). After the defeat of M. Bison and Shadaloo, Juri now roams about, seeking the next thrill. Her moveset may be altered, but her Super Arts incorporate previous attacks and specials:

Sakkai Fuhazan (1 Stock) – Juri fires multiple ki blasts with a kick and follows it up with another giant ki blast to knock an opponent away.

Feng Shui Engine (2 Stocks) – First appearing as an Ultra Combo in Super Street Fighter IV then a V-Trigger in Street Fighter V, Feng Shui Engine returns as a Super Art. Juri unleashes the power of the Feng Shui Engine embedded in her eye, allowing her to cancel normal moves into other normal moves or even unique moves.

Kaisen Dankai Raku (3 Stocks) – Straight from Super Street Fighter IV, Juri unleashes the full power of the Feng Shui Engine to perform a brutal sequence of attacks fitting for the vengeful sadist.

Street Fighter 6 launches in the Summer of 2023 for the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

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