Marvel Ultimate Alliance Maybe Gone Again *EDIT*

Marvel's Ultimate Alliance. The love letter to Marvel fans and the follow up to Marvel's X-Men Legends. Originally released on the PS2 and Xbox with a re-release on the 360 and the PS3 and then re-re-release on the PS4, Xbox 1, and for the first time, PC. 

Ultimate Alliance was an Action RPG (ARPG) in the vein of games like Diablo, except you get to play as Marvel Comic characters! With characters such as Wolverine, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and of course Deadpool. You can run around a fairly linear environment smashing stuff and kicking ass. 

It was a really good game when it was released back in the day, I personally have fond memories of it. But it has not aged well at all. When they re-released it for current gen, they didn't update any of the visuals. It still looks like a PS3\360 game. Which is fine, it looks good. But you can tell its not a "current-gen" game. The gameplay is still fanatic and I will recommend this game to any fan of comics and ARPG games in general.     

It has been 2 years since this game has come out for this generation of consoles, and to coincide with that, it is currently discounted very deeply from its original $39.99 asking price (thats per game mind you). At $9.99 you can own either Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 or 2, or for $14.99 you can own both. Not bad. But why the discount? 

Well user Nerdkiller over on the ResetEra boards thinks he knows why. He theorizes that Activision is about to lose the license to the game, and is discounting it to milk even more money from the franchise. Not a bad thing honestly, I was waiting to purchase when it got discounted. 

Why would this be a concern? Well, if Activision loses the license, then that means the game is gone from the market place. You won't be able to purchase the game again. You will still be able to play it, if you bought it, but will no longer be available to buy. 

This isn't the first time this has happened mind you. When Deadpool The Game was released on the PS4 and Xbox 1, it was out for roughly 2 years before it was yanked, with out warning, from the market place. Same thing happened to Transformers: Devastation. 

Could this deep discount be a sign that Marvel's Ultimate Alliance is going to suffer the same fate? Who knows. There is zero confirmation from Activision in regards to this rumor. This could be a deal for San Diego Comic-Con or it could be a "hey lets have a deal" deal. 

Other users are reporting that the sale is not on the PS4 however. I personally can confirm that it is on Steam (since I just purchased it) and it is on the Xbox 1. 

So if you were ever interested in these games, I would suggest buying them now before they are gone for what could possibly be forever.

This has been James for Game Fix. Game on everybody!

*EDIT* It looks like it was true. Marvel's Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 has been pulled from all digital store fronts. I hope you got yours when you could.  


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