Yes this is very much real. 

With the success of the Switch, Nintendo is rolling in money. What better way to show off that you just don't care? Build an amusement park of course! Or at least license your brands off to so somebody else can build it. We all know how great licensing your properties worked for Marvel, so why not right Nintendo? 

Universal Studios has confirmed that it is constructing a "Super Nintendo" theme park. Being built at both the Hollywood and Japanese Universal Studios theme parks with a third one slated to be built at their Orlando destination. 

We already know of the Mario Kart theme park, since that was leaked some time ago, but what else could we possible get? 

NintendLand has a tentative schedule of some time in 2020. I personally think you should hold off on your ticket and invest in some Nintendo stock. Cause this thing is going to print money. 

This has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody!  

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