Have you always been interested in board gaming or tabletop RPGs but never wanted to purchase anything for fear of not enjoying it? 

Then this is for you. Saturday, October 16th is Free RPG Day. 

This annual event encourages people to go to their local gaming and hobby stores to pick up free RPG content like quickstart rules, new campaigns, and even dice. 

All this is made entirely free for you, thanks to a community and industry-driven campaign to expand and get more people interested in a hobby that they may otherwise be intimidated by.   

Wizk!ds, Paizo, and Magpie Games are just a few of the publishers set to release content for this event. As for the games we can expect to see? Pathfinder, Warhammer: Soulbound, Starfinder, and Root: RPG - a roleplaying game adapted from one of the best board games to be released in the last few years - are all set to be seen with new content and campaigns. 

This is just a fraction of the stuff that is going to be released, spoiler: there is a pretty set of dice created by the guys over at Q Workshop that is also going to be released for this event. 

You can find out more information on the Free RPG Day website. Free RPG content will be released in stores and online along with in-store events happening throughout most of the day. 

As always this has been James with Game Fix Show. Game on everybody! 

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