Could we be seeing an end to the Xbox Live Gold subscription? According to one rumor, yes. 

The once $60 a year subscription service could potentially be going free with the start of the next generation according to recent rumors floating around the interwebz. Prominent Xbox insider "Klobrille" has been teasing that the subscription service could be ending down the road. This is backed by Microsoft removing the the 12 month subscription from their online store and retailers alike. You can however, still purchase 1-month and 3-month subscriptions. 

Currently, Microsoft offers both an "Xbox Game Pass" and an "Xbox Game Pass Ultimate". The two are fairly identical except for the fact that Game Pass Ultimate bundles Gold and their Game Pass streaming service together for an extra $5 a month. 

If Microsoft is planning on removing Gold, then there is zero reason to purchase the Ultimate bundle, unless of course they are going to force customers into buying the higher priced bundle for Gold which will in turn increase the price of the the Gold service. 

There is an Xbox event coming up tomorrow (Thursday) that is said to focus only on the Xbox Series X and Xbox One games. If they were too announce a free-to-play online service. Tomorrow would be the day to do just that. 

With that being said, grain of salt people. Microsoft hasn't announced anything yet and everything as of right now is just speculation. 

This has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody! 

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