The Sega Genesis Mini 2 Releases Stateside This October, Current List Of Announced Games

Sega's Genesis Mini, originally released in September 2019, was deemed a critical success. Following many poor plug-n-play emulation boxes, it seemed a follow-up was imminent. The Sega Genesis Mini 2 will aim to improve on the successes of its predecessor with a new design, as well as this model featuring the six-button layout. A much better choice than the 3 face buttons. 

The Mini 2 will boast more than 50 games, and will feature Sega CD titles for the first time. That's a real glowing benefit to this, as many Sega CD exclusives remain locked to the platform, with the exception of cult classics like Night Trap and Mad Dog McCree. The list of games so far include:

  • After Burner 2
  • Alien Soldier
  • Bonanza Brothers
  • Fantasy Zone (new Genesis port, previously released on Master System)
  • Lightening Force
  • Mansion of Hidden Souls (Sega CD)
  • Night Striker (Sega CD)
  • Ninja Warriors (Sega CD)
  • OutRun
  • OutRunners
  • Rainbow Islands Extra
  • Rolling Thunder 2
  • Shining Force CD (Sega CD)
  • Shining in the Darkness
  • Silpheed (Sega CD)
  • Sonic 3D Blast
  • Sonic CD (Sega CD)
  • Splatterhouse 2
  • Star Mobile (new Genesis port, previously released on PC Engine)
  • Super Hang On
  • The Ooze
  • Vectorman 2
  • Virtua Racing

here's hoping there's confirmation on RPGs like Lunar: The Silver Star and Popful Mail are made available. The Sega Genesis Mini 2 is sold exclusively through Amazon by Sega of Japan, pre-orders are currently live.

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