Today, Gearbox took the main stage at a packed house of three thousand fans during Pax East 2019, and announced one of their most anticipated games ever. 

The anticipation for this game has been building for years, with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel being released in 2014, fans figured it wouldn't be long until Borderlands 3 got announced. 

That was 5 years ago. Five years and a couple of disasters. Namely, Battleborn. But we aren't here to discuss that. We have here to discuss the future. 

And the future looks good. 

First up is the remaster of the first Borderlands games. Titled "Borderlands: Game of the Year" its a visual upgrade to the decade old game. It comes with new loot, gold chests, and all 4 DLC's. Oh and it comes out April 3rd for Xbox One, PS4, and PC (Steam).  

And they didn't stop there. 

Borderlands 3 is officially a thing that is real. There is zero release date, and nothing else on the game other than the trailer. But I'm hyped. I love these looter shooter games, and the first game was amazing. 

Pax East is still going on, so if anything else gets said about the game (a release date) then I will be back here to announce it. 

This has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody! 

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Comment by Mike Lind on March 31, 2019 at 4:02pm

I need to finish Borderlands 2, I like this series.


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