Everything You Need To Know About The 2017 Bethesda Showcase

First off...Welcome to Bethesdaland!

Yeah, I thought it was a little weird too, at least it made me laugh. Anyway...

Bethesda never ceases to impress, and the 2017 Bethesda Showcase is no exception. Bethesda started off strong with Bethesda VR, with two games I'm sure most gamers have always dreamt about playing with VR. The first Doom VFR looks super intense, brutal, and gory as ever and the other, one of my favorites, Fallout 4 VR! Now watching the game play video of Fallout 4 VR makes me really want to get VR. I have been avoiding it for awhile because of lack of decent games but it seems, like I predicted, we would eventually get good games. I'm hoping they don't disappoint, I mean, who doesn't want to wear a Pip Boy and kill endless mirelurks in VR?

Bethesda then opened the floor to The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. This game was introduced about 4 months ago, but to see some actually game play makes me want to hook my PS3 back up and play some Skyrim. Although I could just get Morrowind. Here's the trailer form the Bethesda Showcase...

In came the Creation Club. Although it is not a game, it is a group of creators working with Bethesda to create mods for Skyrim and Fallout 4. Sounds cool...then they said paid mods...meh. We all remember the last time they tried paid mods, right?! You don't? Well, pretty much people paid for mods and they just disappeared,yup people got mad. Let's hope they have worked all the bugs out this time around.

Next up was The Elder Scrolls Legends: Heroes Of Skyrim. No it's not a new FPS it's actually a new card game. Very much reminds me of any of the Magic games but with Skyrim characters. I'm at another...meh. Here is the trailer, make up your own mind :)

After that Bethesda slid in that Skyrim will be on the Nintendo Switch. But in Nintendo fashion, still no exact release date. I'd say the coolest part of this news is in the Switch version of Skyrim there are Zelda mods. That makes me tear up just thinking about it, beautiful...

The next game shown was Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider. To be clear, this is not a DLC that some were tweeting about, this is a stand alone game. This is considered a sequel to Dishonored 2 but is not the 3rd installment. This leads me to believe the game will be probably $40 on release, kind of like Infamous: First Light was to Second Son

Some eSports was mentioned as Quake World Championships we're announced. More of that info will be known in the future.

Then it switched to horror, with The Evil Within 2. No game play yet but the trailer itself is pretty disturbing, hopefully the game matches that.

Bethesda ended with a sequel, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. I absolutely loved the original Wolfenstein 3D and was a very big fan of the remake. Love the grittyness and firepower of the The New Order and I'm super stoked for this one. Seems like everything I need. Seriously, check out the Wolfenstein presentation...

Not the most exciting press conference this year so far, but I am really looking forward to a lot of it. How do you feel Bethesda did this year?


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