Everything You Need To Know About The 2017 Xbox Briefing

Yes, the 2017 Xbox Briefing has concluded and this is everything you need to know from the briefing. Great Odin's Raven, that was a long press conference, an hour and 45 mins to be exact. Well anyway, in this presentation Xbox showed 42 games, 22 of which are Xbox exclusive games. Far be it at this point from people complaining that Xbox lacks exclusivity, that is a distant memory now. I won't talk about every game although they will all be listed.

For now, lets start with Project Scorpio or as Microsoft calls it Xbox One X. Right...pretty!

Now this thing is a beast! This baby is using a custom GPU engine that runs at 1172MHz, compared to the PS4 Pro that is only 911MHz. The X pumps out a solid 60 fps with a gorgeous 4K output. It also features a liquid-cooled vapor-chamber cooling inside, a technology that's used on high-end PC gaming cards like the GTX 1080. It is the smallest most powerful console ever built and it is compatible with all Xbox One peripherals and games. The Xbox One X is set to be released on November 7th worldwide, and priced at $499. Price where you think it should be or is it to rich for your blood?

First game they showed was Forza Motorsports 7, I'm not much of a racing gamer but this game very much looks like you are actually sitting in the car itself. They also revealed an actual exclusive car for the game the 2018 Porsche 911, damn sweet ride! If you are a racing fan, this is most definitely the game for you.

The long awaited Assassin's Creed: Origins was also announced during the briefing. The story line setting takes place in Egypt this time around. You play Bayek, an Egyptian sheriff who becomes a part of the brotherhood and the character does all and more that you would expect from an Assassin's Creed installment. Here is the World Premiere trailer for Assassin's Creed: Origins...

In early 2017 a small game was released on Steam called Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, this game took like wildfire on Twitch and Steam and eventually became a Battle Royale genre's dream. Today Xbox announced that Player Unknown's Battlegrounds will be exclusive on Xbox and set to release later this year.

The next Xbox exclusive was State of Decay 2. The story line is this, 18 months after the zombie apocalypse, the military abandons a refugee camp in small-town America. Those left behind must band together to survive the fall of civilization and the rise of the undead. In State of Decay 2, it’s up to you to gather survivors, build a community, and redefine what it means to survive. The original release was this year but sadly we won't see it until sometime is 2018. Here is the trailer for State Of Decay 2...

Another sequel was premiered, this time from Square Enix, the game is Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. They seem to have keep all the things that were loved by the first one plus more! Episode 1 will be out August 31, 2017.

I have to say the game that has already been teased but finally revealed was The Sea Of Thieves. Out of this entire briefing this game is one I'm probably the most excited for. You play as a pirate and plunder with your friends. This multiplayer platform looks a bit pirae campy but totally works. I can't wait to hit the high seas with my fellow pirates, arrgghh!!! Here was the game played showed at the Xbox E3 press conference...

Of course there were 2 games that stole the show and was saved till the end. The first one was Middle Earth: Shadow Of War. This sequel is so much bigger than it's predecessor, with new abilities and maps to boot. They highlighted the ability to not only control individual orcs, like that of the first game, but control an entire army, complete with putting together a strategy. The game play showed in the briefing was something to behold.

The final game showed was actually teased at yesterday's EA presser. The game is Anthem. Wow, this game looks epic. This game is already nicknamed Bioware's Destiny, but don't let that scare you. This is as if Destiny became a mature upstanding citizen...who probably gives to charities and shit like that, I digress. This multiplayer based game is perfect with your friends. You can have up to a 4 person team in a group of people called Freelancers that wear these exo-suits that fly. As a freelancer you explore, loot, and of course upgrade your suit and weapons. Here is the trailer for Anthem, coming sometime in 2018...

I obviously didn't mention all the games...so let me go ahead and list them all starting with Forza Motorsports 7, Metro: Exodus, Assassin's Creed: Origins, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Deep Rock: Galactic, State Of Decay 2, The Darwin Project, Minecraft, Dragonball FighterZ, Black Desert, The Last Night, The Artful Escape, Code Vein, The Sea Of Thieves, Tacoma, Super Lucky's Tale, Cuphead, Crackdown 3, Osirus: New Dawn, Raiders Of The Broken Planet, Unruly Heroes, Path Of Exile, Battlerite, Surviving Mars, Fable Fortune, Observer, Robocraft, Dunk Lords, Minion Masters, Brawl Out, Ooblets, Dark Light, Strange Brigade, Riverbond, Hello Neighbor, Conan Exiles, Ashen, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, Middle Earth: Shadow Of War, and of course Anthem. That is one hell of a list!

One last thing, Xbox announced that coming this year some select original Xbox games are coming to Xbox One's Backwards Compatible games. The only game mentioned was Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge. We will see more Xbox games in the near future.

Very cool stuff, thanks for reading!


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