Marvel Announces Their 'Avengers Project' Game Will be Revealed At E3

Finally! After two and a half years waiting for any type of announcement from Marvel or Square Enix we get this tweet today from Marvel Entertainment.

As you can see Marvel is naming the game "Marvel's Avengers" and I couldn't be anymore excited than I am right now. I'm so excited to fly like Iron man and not like Lego Iron man. Which was fun but just missing something, hopefully this will cure that.

At this point there is no info letting us know what the story line might be like, but we can speculate that with Endgame there are many different possible story lines. Although it may not be cannon at all with the MCU. But honestly I'm fine with that, with that there is no telling which direction they will go.

Join us June 10th at 8:30p ET as we broadcast our weekly podcast live on our Facebook, we will be reacting live to the 9p Sqaure Enix Edios Montreal's live reveal. Can't wait, let us know your thoughts in the chatroom!

If you haven't seen the January 2017 teaser trailer or need a refresher, click the play below.

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