This review isn't all that late considering the game was released five months ago (March 27, 2018).  This is the first Farcry game I've played completely through since the 3rd in the series.  It is a 1st person open-world shooting game with elements of role playing games.  


Pictured above: The Last Supper, but with way more weapons.

I'm sure everyone has seen the above image.  There is a lot of the plot going on in this picture but for now the important person is the man doing the Jesus pose, Joeseph Seed.  Seed is a cult leader in the fictional Hope County, Montana.  Seed is loosely based on Waco cult leader David Koresh.  The game itself is based on a failed FBI raid on Koresh' Branch Davidian cult in 1993.  Fortunately Koresh never committed any of the atrocities in this game.  

Below: David Koresh, Cult leader and video game inspiration
 This is one of the most violent games I've ever played.  That being said it isn't excessive.  It serves the purpose of driving the overall Farcry plot; people can become animals in the right circumstance.  In the Case of Farcry 3 it was the slow progression from vomiting after your first stealth kill to terrifying your npc friends with brutal enemy kills.  You will wake up from an in game hallucination covered in blood with dead people all around you a few times. 

There is a Gun-For-Hire buddy system that will allow you to be accompanied by two npcs.  There are a wide variety of Guns for hire to acquire, including a freaking bear.  I suggest having Hurk and Sharky.  Their interactions are hilarious.

The ending of the game was not what I expected.  At all.  It's nice to have a game that doesn't have a happy ending.  Overall if you like sandbox games this is a must play.  I give Farcry 5 five creepy cults out of five.

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