Start The Bethesda Speculation (UPDATE)

Since around noon Bethesda has been teasing on their Twitch from what seems to have something to do with their Fallout series. Roughly 140,000 viewers are currently locked in.

Now for some speculation...Since E3 is right around the corner we have been wondering what the heck is going on?! The Bethesda E3 Press Conference is slated for June 10 and 9:30pm est. So what could they be teasing? TELL US!!!! Could it be a new Fallout game? A rumor has it in New Orleans, which would be amazing if you ask me. But after speaking with our resident Nintendo Switch guy James, he believes that the Switch will be getting Fallout 4. I don't know for sure, obviously, but I think James is on to something. 

What do you think?


That was yesterday's post, here is the update.

Not to be confused with Soldier 76, but today Bethesda revealed a trailer for Fallout 76. What is Fallout 76? We don't really know. What I got out of it was a new DLC for Fallout 4. Either way I'm pretty excited about it, love me some Fallout! If you are unaware of what Vault 76 is, in a nutshell, it was a control vault with 500 residents, it is set to open two decades after the bombs fell. From some rumors we are getting is that Fallout 76 is an online only game, we will probably know at E3 what the heck it is. Here is the trailer itself, what do you think?

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Comment by James Tuttle on May 29, 2018 at 4:39pm

Fallout 3 for the switch in a special anniversary collection.


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