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Xbox's Trailer For Battletoads

The Announced at E3 2018, and actual gameplay footage revealed in 2019, the Battletoads are set to return to gaming after a 26 year absence. Developed by Dlala Studios with assistance from RARE, this new Battletoads looks to rekindle the wacky beat'em action the series has been known for. This will be the first main game for the 'Toads since…


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Further Evidence Suggests MS Will Make Online Free

As I had previously reported a little over a week ago, which you can read right here. The rumor mill has been buzzing with the idea that Microsoft may just be removing the paywall for their online multiplayer service, thus making Xbox Live Gold free for…


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Next State Of Play Has Been Leaked

Sony's next "State of Play" event may have just been leaked on 4chan. 

I just want to make note that this is a 4chan leak. So barrel of salt people. 

Here is what the leaker claims. 

August 6th, Sony is holding another State of Play event with more gameplay footage for games already announced and a few reveals.

Here is the…


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August 2020 Free Games Update: Xbox Games With Gold

Starting August 1st, Xbox Game Pass will drop some more free titles onto their library with four games next month. Portal Knights, Override Mech City Brawl, MX Unleashed, and Red Faction II.

Portal Knights - Forge your character, craft epic weapons, and vanquish your enemies in this…


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RETRO REBOOT - Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout (NES)

Bugs Bunny, perhaps one of the most iconic cartoon characters, has just celebrated his 80th birthday. While there hasn't been much going on with Bugs lately, throughout the 8-bit period, he's had his fair run at video games. One of the more notable titles is Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout, which celebrated his then 50th birthday. Jeez, Bugs was…


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PlayStation Plus Free Games for August 2020

PlayStation's August lineup for PS+ offers two games, one of them an all-new multiplayer experience. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered and Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Survive a series of hilarious challenges until one victor remains in this colorful…


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Mega Man Movie Update: "Big News" Is Happening Soon

Way back in 2015, then 20th Century Fox announced that Chernin Entertainment and Capcom had begun production of a live action Mega Man movie. Peter Chernin, producer of the 2011 reboot of Planet of the Apes, Hidden Figures, and The Greatest Showman, is to oversee development, along with Ryan Harrigan , David Ready (Red…


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G4 Returning In 2021

After a decade of dormancy, the popular fixture of video game media, G4, plans to return in some capacity next year. The teaser trailer was posted by IGN during Comic-Con@Home, the virtual surrogate for event cancelled due to the viral danger of the coronavirus. The twitter accounts for…


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The July Xbox Games Showcase Wrap-up

Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase has wrapped up, so here at GameFix, we'll provide with you with a look at what Team Green put before you in their gameplay trailers and previews. 

Halo Infinite

Up first is a look at the much anticipated Halo Infinite, running at 4K resolution and 60fps. This Halo entry looks to expand the…


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Rocket League To Become Free To Play, Leaving Steam

Psyonix Team has announced that later this summer, Rocket League will become free to play across all platforms, and will launch on the Epic Games Store around the same time. Since Epic Games became Psyonix's parent company in 2019, its days on Were essentially numbered, and it will no longer be available to download. The Windows version of Rocket…


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The End Of Xbox Live

Could we be seeing an end to the Xbox Live Gold subscription? According to one rumor, yes. 

The once $60 a year subscription service could potentially be going free with the start of the next generation according to recent rumors floating around the interwebz. Prominent Xbox insider "Klobrille" has been teasing that the subscription service…


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RETRO REBOOT - Pro Wrestling (NES)

I’m a huge wrestling fan, always have been since my childhood, and on the eve of the biggest night in professional wrestling, what better time than now to take a look at the first wrestling I’ve ever played, simply titled Pro Wrestling. That’s right to the point, isn’t it? Reminds me of those Atari and Intellivision games that were one compound…


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RUMOR: God Of War May Come To PC?

Take this with a grain of salt, but with the recent trend of PlayStation exclusives like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn making their way to PC, the talks about whether or not the 2018 Game of the Year winner would eventually become the latest to make the conversion. 

During content creator Rand Al Thor 19's recent episode of The Xbox Two…


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No Man's Sky Free Update "Desolation" Includes Haunted Freighters

Hello Games remains hard at work on the inclusion of No Man's Sky updates, and their latest patch adds some surreal horror elements to the game with the addition of a derelict freighter, providing a very Dead Space-like atmosphere while providing a different style of gameplay. 

"The shattered interiors are also rich with salvage, including…


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Ubisoft Forward Event

Despite reports of all of the top Ubisoft executives leaving Ubisoft due to allegations of misconduct. Last Sunday Ubisoft held, what would have been their E3 presser. In it, we took a deeper look at games that we have already known about and they made an out of left field announcement - which would have been completely awesome had it not been leaked…


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RETRO REBOOT - X-Men (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive)

Now wait, didn't I review an X-Men game before? Why yes, a few months ago, I had the unprivilege of trying to give one of the more frustrating and painfully bland video games from my childhood a second chance in The Uncanny X-Men on NES. I should learn my lesson and rightfully burn copies of that so nobody can experience the stale air that is the…


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Nintendo Switch Online Service July Games Update Features Donkey Kong Country

It would make things considerably easier if Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo synchronized the announcements of their free game catalogs closer together, but I digress. Since its inception, the Nintendo Switch Online Service announcements of titles are generally met with a fiery negative backlash with massive dislikes on the YouTube video trailers. Well,…


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ColonelFancy Reviews - Neo Contra (PlayStation 2)

Latest episode! Konami ventures back into 3D with the Contra series with some juicy OST, wacky voice acting, and a samurai. 

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Nintendo Hints At Next-Gen Console Plans, A New Switch?

Nintendo recently held their 80th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in early July, and among the topics during the Q&A, an investor had asked about plans regarding their next video game console and pushing the limits of gaming hardware beyond being displayed on a TV screen. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa provided a statement that sheds…


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RETRO REBOOT - Parasite Eve (Sony PlayStation)

SquareSoft, now known as SquareEnix, became the flagship bearers that lead the explosion of Japanese role-playing games in North America in the mid 90's following the success of Final Fantasy VII, a game that many of its fans will tell is one of the greatest video games of all time, IS the greatest video game of all time, or the…


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