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RETRO REBOOT - Castlevania II Simon's Quest (NES)

I've talked before about how many sequels during the NES period are met with some polarizing feedback when it comes to giving them a retrospective. Games like Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link, which I have reviewed here before, and I feel it's a way better game than given credit. The Doki Doki Panic reskinned Super Mario Bros 2 is the black sheep of the…


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July 2020 Free Games Update: Xbox Games With Gold & PlayStation Plus

Article updated June 29th 2020 3:34pm

July's lineup of free titles from Xbox's Games With Gold offers four new entries to the library for the first time. WRC 8 FIA World Rally ChampionshipDunk LordsSaints Row 2 , and Juju.

WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship - Play…


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RETRO REBOOT - Hang-On (Sega Master System)

Arcade racing simulators are straightforward, yet incredibly addictive. Hang-On was one of the first of its kind. Originally released in arcades in 1985, the Master System port of Hang-On followed shortly thereafter and is a pretty well done conversion. The Master System was a retro console I've waited a long time to get my hands on, and one of the…


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Masahiro Sakurai To Reveal ARMs Character For Super Smash Bros Ultimate...But Who Will It Be?

In an upcoming 35 minute presentation, the awaited reveal of a fighter from ARMs, Nintendo's newest original fighting game, is set to air next week. This will kick off Super Smash Bros Ultimate's season two of character DLC, as it's been reported this lineup of roster additions will be all new to the Smash Bros series. For a roster that exceeds 70+…


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Hints Of An AEW Video Game In Development Confirmed By AEW Talent Aubrey Edwards

All Elite Wrestling referee Aubrey Edwards has a background in video game development, so it would of no surprise that she is applying her talents to help launch the company's first foray into video games. In a recent interview on the Talk is Jericho podcast, she commented that the project is very early in the works on what they would like it to…


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RETRO REBOOT - Final Fight (Super Nintendo)

Final Fight on SNES is a spirited effort for a home port. Provided you've never played the arcade version, you'd might even say that this is adequate to mess around in. But this a port that aged very quickly during the age of arcade brawlers, especially when many of them saw 16-bit home versions that were done significantly better.…


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PlayStation 5 Reveal: The Console Shows Itself

The PlayStation 5's reveal trailer has wrapped up. James shined some details on the library, so let's finally gave everyone a look at the console itself. It had been shrouded in mystery for quite a while, and it can be safely assumed that a global pandemic…


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No Man's Sky Introduces Crossplay Among PC, Xbox One, And PS4

After one of the most controversial launches in recent history, No Man’s Sky has seen a resurgence after updates provided a complete overhaul to how the game functions. Throughout its release and a colossal wave of backlash and criticism, Hello Games kept their heads down and worked diligently to improve upon the initially bare explorative…


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RETRO REBOOT - How Cool Was The Super Gameboy?

The Gameboy was a cool handheld, and a testament to Nintendo's marketing. Imagine convincing gamers to veer away from the Atari Lynx and the Sega Game Gear, two handhelds that are significantly more impressive when it comes to specs than the Boy's spinach and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pie shade of green screen. Well, that and Nintendo's contractual…


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Resident Evil Director Shinji Mikami Aims To Get Tokyo Ghostwire Back On Track

Initially revealed at Bethesda's E3 2019 showcase, there had been little news regarding Tango Gameworks' upcoming project Tokyo Ghostwire. After director Ikumi Nakamura's energetic and delightful performance, she departed Tango Gameworks in September 2019, and many had speculated that the survival/action game was rumored to be cancelled. After…


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RETRO REBOOT - Tiny Toon Adventures Buster's Hidden Treasure (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis)

If there's one thing I do as much, if not more than play video games is watch a bucket load of cartoons, from any era. loved Tiny Toon Adventures as a kid, and will still watch it today at any moment's notice. Merrie Melodies and Looney Toons are among my most watched shows on Saturday mornings. Tiny Toon Adventures was a very creative modern take on…


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