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Battlefield V Revealed. And Yes, It's WWII.

As expected, today was the day that EA revealed the new game in the Battlefield series. And boy was I wrong:

It's not Bad Company, it's not Hardline, it's Battlefield. And so close to the release of Battlefield 1, too. Well, the game looks beautiful and the action looks true to life. 

I'm not as thrilled as most Battlefield fans…


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Overwatch Gets Lego-fied

Activision Blizzard has just announced a partnership with Lego to bring the heroes and maps to the masses in the form of Lego sets. 

Though sets haven't been revealed, they will start arriving in Spring/Summer 2018 with each being treated as they treat new in-game events. I'm sure this means cryptic leaks and and TONs of anticipation. 

And expect Nerf adding some Overwatch themed weapons as part of their Nerf Rivals line sometime in January 2019. 

As for…


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New Overwatch Deathmatch Map Revealed And Skins Leaked!

Amongst the many skins and brawls and sprays and emotes and highlight intros that the next Overwatch Anniversary will bring us, we are also being treated to a new Deathmatch map, Petra. 

I love the theme, I love the layout, and I LOOOOVE the introduction of destructible environments! 

And if you want a spoiler, here's a video leaking the new…


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I Think Kingdom Hearts Is A Dumb And Rediculous Idea. So Why Do I Want To Play It?

Specifically, Kingdom Hearts 3?

THIS is why:

It just looks fun AF.

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Sea Of Thieves First Major Update Announced

Scheduled to come out on May 29th, this update seems very promising.

Take a gander at the video:

A lot of people are going to judge the fate of Sea Of Thieves on how they handle this new content update. It's been said that each of the 6 updates to happen this year will introduce a new form of AI along with ships, items, quests, and…


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See Black Ops 4 In Action! [UPDATE]

Today at 1p (est) Black Ops IIII will be revealed during the Community Event. We'll see gameplay and other "classified intel". 

We know that Black Ops 4 will NOT have a single player campaign, whilst the forthcoming Remaster of Modern Warfare 2 will NOT have multiplayer. Hmm. Another bundle? 

Check out the livestream and let us know what you…


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THIS Is What Baseball Is All About

Super Mega Baseball 2 is a great improvement over the first, and honestly the only new baseball game we've seen on Xbox One in a while. 

How is it better? Well, for starters: 

All other improvements, including the addition of online multiplayer, can be yours FREE until May 31st as part of this month's Games With Gold. 

Oh, and…


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Overwatch Anniversary Event Leaked

The official Brazilian Overwatch Twitter account leaked the teaser trailer for the next big Overwatch event, the second Anniversary. 

Not only will we see more pirate themed skins, but access to the year's prior event loot will also be given. 

And the event starts next Tuesday! Talk about "on to the next". 

It's these constant…


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