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Gamestop Introduces Video Game Rentals!

If you've been in a Gamestop recently you've noticed the changes.  There is definitely a heavier emphasis on non-video game merchandise such as Funko Pops and ThinkGeek.  It now seems they are completely changing their business model to compete with Netflix and Gamefly.  The PowerPass will be offered in six month increments for sixty dollars and will allow unlimited rentals one game at a time.  The service will only be available to PowerUp rewards members.  As an added bonus after the six…


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Hellboy's Gameplay In Injustice 2 Bothers Me

The new Hellboy gameplay trailer has be released and it's not that great.

His combos look very simple and mundane, the animation for him seems a bit...off, and did you notice his big arm?! It's got the old school "always in front" thing going for it. You know, it's not always his right arm. If you're facing left, it's on his…


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The Kinect Is Dead.

Another death in the Microsoft family. The Kinect is officially dead. Support WILL continue, but production has ceased. 

It shouldn't be too much of a surprise since the Xbox One S doesn't have a native port for it, and neither does the Xbox One X. 

I was a fan of the Kinect. I had it since day one and enjoyed games like Kinect Sports and Fighter…


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Only Ten Days Until Blizzcon

As of this writing, we are just 10 days away from Blizzcon. The annual convention celebrating all things Blizzard Entertainment. 

For those who aren't in the know, or are new to Blizzard. Every year they do a convention, its basically their version of E3. They hold panels, Esport events, and have announcements. Blizzcon is a very hype time, since this event…


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EA Access Is Doing What It Said It Would Never Do

This week EA Access will be removing one of it's Vault titles. 

For undisclosed reasons, Fifa 14 will be removed. Earlier this year the company stated that they would be shutting down the Fifa 14 servers and remove the game from the EA Vault without a real reason. 



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Black Panther Trailer

What do you think?

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Blizzard Is Suing A Chinese Developer For Copyright Infringement

If you listen to our podcast you know how much we hold Blizzard's Overwatch sacred. Overwatch is life! But there is a Chinese developer called 4399 who seems to love Overwatch more than us, I know, crazy right!? Well they liked it so much they created a mobile game titled Heroes Of Warfare(geez, what a terrible name) that seems to of rip-offed Overwatch...I believe the word is BLATANTLY! Don't believe me?! Check out this…


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The Next Preloaded Nintendo Mini Will Not Be The 64

That's right! According to the Japanese Twitter account @trademark_bot it looks like it will be a "Game Boy Mini".


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You Can't Do A Prequel First

We are a little less than a week away from the launch of South Park: The Fractured But Whole. My hype game of 2017. 

If you have not been keeping up with the South Park cartoon. Last nights episode was a prequel to the game. It features the origins of Jimmy's super hero persona, Fast Pass, along with digs towards Facebook "news", and a very funny…


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Magic The Gathering Gets A New Look

Magic the Gathering is turning 25 years old next year. 25 years of tapping mana and arguing over card text. 

With this celebration, Wizards of the Coast has given us a glimpse into their future, starting with a new logo. 

Beginning in March 2018, with the Dominaria release, Magic the Gathering is going to have a new logo, one that brings together…


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Junkrat Spotlight (HotS)

The Heroes of the Storm youtube account uploaded a new video today, spotlighting Junkrat. 

A long with the spotlight the PTR has updated allowing you to play as Junkrat, and mess around with the new…


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Heroes Of The Storm Year In Review And New Stuff!

The Heroes of the Storm youtube channel did a few updates in the past couple of days. 

One of which was a "Year in Review" for 2017 so far. In it they talk about everything that has changed this game and stuff they're looking forward too in the remainder of this year and next. …


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The Best Time Of The Year For Overwatch

Last Halloween, Overwatch players were treated to a special PvE Halloween themed game type mode called "Junkenstein’s Revenge", which took everybody's lovable theif, Junkrat, and turned him into Dr. Frankenstein. 

Yesterday, the Overwatch Twitter account posted this. 


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