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Introducing The New Atari...Again

After a weird pause in everything, Atari is back in full force with their upcoming "Atari Box". This time, we get a name: 

And yes, that's exactly what the Atari used to call their consoles. Video Computer Systems. 

The console will include two controllers, the modernized classic one stick controller and a dual stick controller we're all familiar with. …


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Double Feature: Lara and Geralt

Let's start this quicky with the announcement of the next Tomb Raider game: Shadow of the Tomb Raider. 

This is the third installment of the rebooted series and unlike the previous, Rise of the Tomb Raider, this one doesn't have launch exclusivity so Playstation players will get this one right off the bat. 

Due out September…


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The Division 2 Is On It's Way

After being leaked to the public via a German press release, Ubisoft has officially announced Tom Clancy's The Division 2. 

More details will come during this year's E3. 

Ubisoft will also be announcing updates to The Division including new Global events and Legendary missions. Also in June, players of The Division will be able to…


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OWL Stage 2 Week 2 Results And Standings

Week 2 of Stage 2 is all done and it was really exciting. Dallas Fuel looked very strong against Seoul Dynasty, but only managed to take one map off of them. They're coming together, xQc is showing that he is a great main tank player and aKm is showing that if given some leeway, he can hard carry his team. Mickie is showing that he could possibly be the play caller…


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New Battle Royale Game, The Darwin Project, Lands Friday

The Darwin Project is another addition to the Battle Royale genre but in a much smaller scale. It's a 10 person survival "game" which would appear to work the same way as PUBG or Fortnite. The difference, minus weather having an effect on health, is the inclusion of an 11th player, the show director, who oversees and influences the battle in multiple ways. Much like Director Mode in games like Left 4 Dead, which are usually only available in custom games, this mode will entail things from…


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