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MvC: Infinite Release Date And Characters Revealed

The story trailer for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has been released and there is a lot of information given to us. Not only is the game given a release date, but you get to see much of the character roster. Nothing unexpected though. In fact, it's really just looking like a sequel to MvC3. 

In any case, the story seems very "Marvel"…


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Finally, Friday the 13th Gets A Date

If you haven't heard, Friday the 13th The Game has an official release date. The Kickstarter backed project was pushed back to early this year, which made a few of us fans worried. Thanks to this video, our fears should be put to rest. 

The game will launch as multiplayer only with single player being added this summer as free…


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My Doomfist Theory

Recently, Terry Crews announced that he will be present during this year's E3 for a "major surprise". He did this while booting up Overwatch on his PC. He also stated that "ya'll know what it is."

Indeed, we do. He's going to voice Doomfist. 

The question remains though, WHO is Doomfist going to be? A playable character? A "lore" character that only…


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The Overwatch Video Nobody Asked For, But Everybody Wanted

Amazing on so many levels. 

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