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Overwatch vs Team Fortress [VIDEO]

There's no doubt that Overwatch is a "spiritual successor" to Team Fortress. In fact, that's why I love Overwatch so much. Team Fortress was my PC game of choice, and at the time, there was nothing like it on Playstation or Xbox. 

So if you're like me and put many years into TFC/TF2...



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The King of Kong Still Wins

Billy Mitchell, the "King Of Kong", has finally been caught cheating. In the documentary King of Kong, he was kind of a "bad guy". He would never meet up for a high score challenge in person, and was kind of a dick. 

But I say he won. 

He lived his life as a champion during a time where high scores WERE gaming, and arcades were dominating the U.S. He was going…


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The Kraken Does Not Discriminate

Our second encounter with the Kraken happened whilst having an off and on battle with a galleon. In the middle of our quarrel, the Kraken attacked them. 

Of course, we HAD to get in on that. Shot at them while I boarded and started attacking the crew. 

Well, after a bit, the galleon escaped the Kraken's clutches. Then this happened: …


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With Uprising Comes Retribution

Excuse me while I change my undies. 

The event that most of us have been waiting for starts April 10th. I'm talking the return of Overwatch's Uprising. This time, with the Uprising we know and love, we get a new co-op story, Retribution. 

It focuses on the first Blackwatch mission and the "official" mode will include Genji, McCree (which I'm assuming is on his first mission), Reaper, and Moira. MOIRA!! (I'm a Moira main)…


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