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The Next Labo Kit Is The Best Yet

Nintendo Labo is the cardboard craze that lets you build peripherals for your Switch. So far, you can build a robot suit, or a number of little contraptions like a remote control, piano, and fishing pole depending on the kit you buy. 

And now, Nintendo has upped their game and is releasing a new Labo Kit. Vehicles. 

I gotta say, this…


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Kabounce Is Free This Weekend..But What Is It?

Here's a game that wasn't on my radar at all. It's called Kabounce and it's pitched as "multiplayer pinball". 

It looks like it works in a "Splatoon-esque" way. Color the arena in your own color while attacking the other balls. 

"Compete head to head in 4 versus 4 multiplayer pinball arena.…


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The PUBG Global Invitational Is Underway

The PUBG Global Invitational event in Berlin is different. Many empty seats and many silent fans littering the arena.

However, it was the opening ceremony that won the show. 

Some people call it cheesy, stupid, weird. Whatever your opinion, one thing was certain. It went off without a hitch. No stumbles, no awkward moments, no technical errors. 

Here it is in all it's glory:…


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