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Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 Revealed

One was known, one was rumored, and one came out of left field. Though the fighter we've been waiting for has yet to be seen, these new additions are very welcome!

This is the best Fighter Pack so far, and Hellboy!? Are you kidding me!? 

Well played. 

Love ya!!

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This Week We Learned About Junkertown & Mei

Blizzard posted some new videos this week. The first is an intro to a new escort map called Junkertown. Of course starring none other than Junkrat himself. Here is, "The Plan"...

Here is the intro for Junkertown itself...…


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These Are The (An)droids You're Looking For

Hey everybody, James here with another Super Dragon Ball Fighters Z update. 

As I mentioned in my previous article, Gamescom was around the corner. Well the time is now, and Bandai\Namco made some big announcements. So lets get started. 

First off, there is a new trailer for the game. The trailer shows Krillin and Piccolo in action. Then it goes to the new character announcements.…


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Here Comes The Androids

DragonBall Fighters Z has made the circles again. 

As reported on here, by yours truly, ArcSys was going to have character announcements at this years Gamescom event in Germany. Well, Weekly Jump and V-Jump magazines have both broken the news ahead of time. And its a big one.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan…


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Sonic Mania Is Almost Here; It Looks Really Fun

The PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions will still be released this coming Tuesday, August 15. Although, the PC version has been pushed back to August 29th. Sega said this about the delay, "We are not going to put out a game that is not the best it can be". They also said, "And we're going to maintain that level of quality and consistency and dedication to that quality. It is so important to us." I absolutely love that. But not to worry if you have pre-ordered Sonic Mania on PC they will be…


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DragonBall Fighter Z Character Leak

I have predicted that DragonBall Fighters Z is going to be the new hype fighting game of 2017 and that it's going to blow Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite out of the water. Well, that prediction has come one step further with this character leak.

Who is it? Well..... 

Android 17.

According to Chuck Huber, who provides the American voice to Android 17 in…


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The Nintendo World Championships are BACK!

Sure, we currently criticize Nintendo on almost everything they do. However, not on everything they've DONE.

We've grown up with Nintendo and without them our childhoods would have been way different. Video games would be way different.

So it excites me to see that the Nintendo World Championships are back. It's been a couple of years, but it's still good to see tournaments going on that aren't the typical eSports that we're used to. Dabbling in retro and current titles, this…


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Summer Games Are Back!

In a developer update just posted to Youtube this evening. Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that the Summer Games event will be making its return, with new skins along with the old skins. 

The new skins are going to be obtained with credits, unlike last year, where it was only out of a loot box. Old skins will also be able to be obtained with credits, with a discounted price.

Jeff also went on to talk about the new loot drop rates. There will be a reduction of duplicate skins, which…


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