September 2023 Blog Posts (22)

Sega Cancels Team-based Multiplayer Shooter HYENAS And Other Unrevealed Projects

Sega appears to be undergoing a hearty restructure, following some expected losses and lingering problems due to the complications around the COVID-19 pandemic. This "restructuring", according to a letter to…


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Shining Force Illustrator And Character Designer Yoshitaka Tamaki Passes Away At Age 55

The art and video game world lost one of its most talented artists. Yoshitaka Tamaki, known for the character designs of Sega's Shining Force and many other RPGs produced by Climax Entertainment, died on July 13th after a battle with lung cancer. The post was made from Tamaki's Twitter/X account by whomever has control over it. According to the post,…


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Free Games Update | PlayStation Plus Monthly Games October 2023 Includes Callisto Protocol

Summer time is over, autumn rolls in, so it's time to drop some details about Sony's upcoming free downloads for PlayStation Plus subscribers across the Essential, Extra, and Premium tiers on both PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4. Perfect timing for the Halloween season, look forward to trying out the Dead Space inspired survival…


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RETRO REBOOT VS | Batman Returns: Sega vs Super Nintendo

Batman has fared greatly when it comes to video games throughout the era, and there are quite a few to sift through on home consoles. Batman Returns in particular saw several games from different developers and publishers. There are versions on the Master System, Game Gear, and Atari's handheld, the Lynx. This Retro Reboot VS will focus on the…


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Polarizing Veteran Director Hideki Kamiya Departs From PlatinumGames

Hideki Kamiya, the very charismatic and outgoing programmer and game director, has confirmed to be stepping away from PlatinumGames, the studio he co-founded with Resident Evil creator/director Shinji Mikami and Tatsuya Minami back in 2006. Kamiya was promoted to Vice President last year, so suffice to say this news seemed to come out of nowhere.…


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40 Minute Mission Gameplay Of Level-5's Decapolice Hosted At The Tokyo Game Show 2023

Japanese studio Level-5 has quite the robust line-up of games to feature at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Back at work with creating new software, their showcase includes Fantasy Life: The Girl Who Steals Time, Megaton Mushashi: Wired, Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road, and a new Professor Layton, The New World of Steam.

The development team's…


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Dead Space Co-creator Glen Schofield Departs Striking Distance Studios Following Callisto Protocol Flop

Striking Distance Studios, a development team based out of California, will see new leadership following the departure of Glen Schofield, who played a part in conceptualizing Dead Space. Current Chief Officer Steve Papoutsis will take over, according to a report from…


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Microsoft Closes In On Finalizing The Acquisition Of Activision Blizzard

After announcing the initial deal back in January of 2022, and going through the court hearings from the Federal Trade Commission, and Sony's CEO Jim…


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RETRO REBOOT | Prototype (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Ah, the late aughts. It was around this period where open world action games were hitting their peak, before Grand Theft Auto V would essentially shut down everything else from western developers. Some had brief runs, like Just Cause, Watchdogs, and Saints Row, before flaming out. Prototype was one of those titles that seemed like it had a great deal…


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Leaked Court Documents Reveal Nintendo Was A 'PRIME Asset' As A Microsoft Acquisition

Microsoft has been a studio on a buying spree in recent years. Along with purchasing development teams like Hellblade series developer Ninja Theory and Obsidian (The Outer Worlds), there was also the much publicized acquisition of…


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F-Zero 99 Launches On The Nintendo Switch TODAY

The F-Zero series gets a breath of fresh air...sort of. Nintendo's exclusive high speed racer franchise, which has been dormant for quite a long time, sees new life on the Nintendo Switch Online Service. Very similar to the Tetris and the now-defunct Pac-Man multiplayers, F-Zero 99 is a battle royale which pits you against 98 other racers to reach…


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Developer Wayforward And Konami Team Up Again For Contra: Operation Galuga

For the second time, Konami has turned to game developer and publisher Wayforward (Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Spidersaurs, River City Girls) to bring their classic run-n-gun series back for another run. Announced during today's Nintendo Direct September 2023 was Contra: Operation Galuga, which will be coming to all platforms. Wayforward and Konami…


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Square Enix Loses Almost $2 Billion Dollars In Market Value Following Lackluster Game Releases

Square Enix, the role-playing game giant known for flagship franchises like the Final Fantasy series and Dragon Quest, has seen a 30% market share dip, costing up to a lose in nearly $2,000,000,000. This is based on a report released Wednesday that while this is higher than the share price as of last May, this downturn is due to Square Enix not…


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Electronic Arts Confirms Sims 5 Will Be Free-To-Play, And Sims 4 Will Continue Side-By-Side

EA has stated that a new Sims game is in the works, and its structure will be presented differently from its predecessor. According to a report by Video Games Chronicle, Sims 5, which is currently going under the codename "Project Rene", will feature both single player and online multiplayer co-op. Earlier this summer, a job advertisement briefly…


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RETRO REBOOT | The Wonderful 101 (Nintendo Wii U)

The utility of the Wii U will go down as one of the great mysteries of modern gaming. I think its Gamepad has some promise that could've overcome some of the more cumbersome elements, but the marketing left people scratching their heads. One of the criticisms at the time was some games that either relied too heavily on the dual screen and touch pad…


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Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Celebrates 2 Million Copies Sold, Announces NEW DLC

Former Konami developer and game producer Koji Igarashi celebrates its 2 million game copies sold worldwide for Bloodstained:Ritual of the Night. Developed by Artplay and published by 505 Games, Bloodstained was launched as a Kickstarter campaign by Igarashi a year following his departure from Konami in 2015. …


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Embracer Group Looking Into Selling Developer Gearbox Entertainment

Swedish media holdings company Embracer Group is back in the news again. The talks center around the conglomerate parting ways with one of the studios under its already massive umbrella. According to a report from…


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Free Games Update | Nintendo Switch Online SNES, NES, And Game Boy

Some new additions to the Nintendo Switch Online Service have been announced. Coming for the Super Nintendo, the puzzle game starring HAL's pink marshmallow, Kirby's Star Stacker. The offerings for the NES, from the Kunioverse line of games comes Downtown Nekketsu March: Super-Awesome Field Day! and Joy Mech Fight. And finally for the…


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Pokémon Center Halloween Collection Out Now

The U.S. Pokémon Center made a huge update to their website today with a release of Halloween-themed Pokémon merch! …


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RETRO REBOOT | BurgerTime (Nintendo Entertainment System)

A shocker, me talking about another Data East game. The studio that is responsible for many of my early arcade memories and NES home ports, their stuff always ended up on my shelf, and in this review section. BurgerTime, like Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga, ended up being quite the token muncher whenever I had a chance to hit up an arcade. …


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