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Nintendo Will Fix Joycon Drift Problems Free of Charge

It only took two years after the console's release, Nintendo will finally address the "Joycon drift" issue that has affected a large number of Nintendo Switch users. Drift is the general term for when a character in a game will continue to move in a direction even if the user isn't inputting the action on the analog stick. I remember this being an…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Circus Caper (NES)

Some games, man, some games. Circus Caper ranks as one of those NES titles I'd sum up as obnoxious. This wound up being a rental for us that later became a purchase, almost because my brother had the game almost beaten. The mentality being from a parent's perspective, "they're playing it a lot, so clearly that means they like it." There's very little…


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Sonic and Tails to Guest Star on OK KO Let's Be Heroes

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog will be in for a treat. While Paramount's Sonic movie may be pushed back to Valentine's Day 2020, the Blue Bomber will make a surprising television appearance. Cartoon Network announced at San Diego Comic Con Sonic the Hedgehog will appear in an episode of the series OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes. Created by…


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Veteran Video Game Music Producers Return for Streets of Rage 4 Soundtrack

Since the glossy trailer dropped in August of 2018, there's been very little on the newsfront regarding the return of Streets of Rage 4. Developers LizardCube and Guard Crush Games have been rather quiet outside of some brief snippets of gameplay. Not even so much of a projected release date has been announced by publisher DotEmu. Recently, some new…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Pokemon Snap (Nintendo 64)

Up until the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the mainline series was never featured on Nintendo's major home consoles. Instead, the N64 and Gamecube saw many attempts at making experimental ventures. Perhaps the most popular of these being Pokemon Battle Stadium. I never had a chance to play it, heard it was good. Instead I gravitated…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Super Metroid (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

When the conversation of the greatest video game of all time comes up, certainly it's subjective and there's no general consensus on formulating a definitive answer. And I try to not sound like a product of my time (says the guy that writes a column that exclusively talks about retro games), but I feel the world's greatest video games on the planet…


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WayForward Drops a Trailer for River City Girls

The long-running Kunio-kun/ River City series will see another entry with the official announcement of River City Girls. Taking the role of Kyoko and Misako, the two tough-as-nails high schoolers battle their way through six regions of River City to rescue their boyfriends and longtime franchise mainstays, Kunio and Riki.…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)

You want a hot take? I still think that despite this game's flaws, it's still one of the most entertaining TMNT games out there. Like Karate Champ, the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of those NES carts almost every kid had and every kid played. The difference being is that while Karate Champ was a deliciously bad title that was fun to…


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