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RETRO REBOOT!! Soldiers Of Fortune: The Chaos Engine (Super Nintendo)

A part of why I felt compelled to take a retrospective on a game like Soldiers of Fortune is because 2019 was a year where for whatever reason the "PC vs console" arguments were at a fever pitch. The myth being PC players are mean elitists who look down on everything console related. What gets lost in a lot of that jargon is back when MS-DOS…


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Be On The Lookout for the "Nanica Smitch"

I'm legitimately surprised this has the temerity to exist. Knockoff consoles are far from a new concept, there are many hackneyed ROM-based consoles over the years (the SouljaGame was only last year, 2018, imagine that) that can act as a cheap alternative to buying a video game console. In other countries, a Playstation 4 can run for $1,845 US…


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Trademark Renewals For Power Stone, Dino Crisis, and Darkstalkers From Capcom

Capcom has one of the richest libraries of beloved and critically acclaimed franchises. Suffice to say, many of them have been dormant for a frighteningly long period of time. Dino Crisis hasn't seen a new entry since 2003 on Xbox. The last canonical Darkstalkers game was Vampire Savior: Lord of the Vampires in 1997. And barring the PSP…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Cool Spot and the Quest for Cool (Sega Genesis)

You know what’s really amusing? More often than not, if you take a television show or a movie and transform it into a video game, you’ll wind up with crap or sub mediocre, forgettable tripe. But if you take a mascot of a snack food or soft drink conglomerate and center a platform game around said character, chances are you get a pretty good game. I…


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QubicGames 15 Year Anniversary Free Game Giveaway on the Nintendo Switch

QubicGames has quite a deal in store for both their 15 years of producing games AND conveniently for the holiday season. If you're a Switch owner, this looks like a banger of a deal. So as long as you own any title by CubicGames before December 15th, you can qualify for 10 free games that you can download from the Nintendo eShop:



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RETRO REBOOT!! Battletoads (NES)

Probably one of my most questioned takes is my opinion regarding Battletoads. My retro card gets regularly revoked because I don't have a very high opinion of it. The way I see it, Battletoads best symbolizes that a well made game can be pretty unlikeable. Am I salty because in the near 29 nears of its existence, I've never beaten it? Well...YES,…


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Turbografx-16 Mini Console Trailer and Details

Earlier this year, Konami revealed information on the lineup of games to be featured on the latest to join the club of plug-n-play consoles, the Turbografx-16 Mini. Three trailers were put up for each region of the Turbografx-16 (known as the PC Engine in other regions), highlighting featured titles like Bonk's Adventure, Space Harrier, the highly…


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Persona 5 Royal Western Release Date Revealed

Persona 4 Royal's western release now has a set window, March 31st 2020. In addition to a brand new characters in additional protagonist Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki, this new upgraded version will boast more new features like new explorable areas, a third semester, some extra mini games, and Playstation 4 Pro support.…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Spider: The Video Game (Sony PlayStation)

Not to nitpick immediately in my introductory, but why exactly is it titled that way? As opposed to Spider: The Musical, or Spider: The Anti-inflammatory? It’s like Slugs The Movie, nobody will confuse it with any other previous work, so the subtitle comes off a tad deflating. Maybe I'm counting my blessings, it could've…


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