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RETRO REBOOT | Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)

A concept like Super Smash Bros. caught me completely off guard in the middle of my teens. You're telling me that Nintendo, the company that by this point among fans has been considered the "kiddie game company" amassed some of their more popular personalities together and had them beat the ever-living shit out of each other? Get outta here! But a…


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RUMOR: PlayStation 3 Servers Likely Shutting Down In 2024

As Sony continues its plans to push forward with focusing on new hardware, the clock is ticking on PlayStation's older platforms. Based on a report from PSblog.com, there's an indication that the PlayStation 3 may receive a…


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Sources Believe Nintendo Switch Successor May Have Magnetic Joy-Cons, Existing Ones Likely Not Supported

A new Switch may be larger with new Joy-Cons. The Original Switch Pro Controller May be compatible 

Information regarding the Nintendo "Switch 2" remains scant at this date, for a device that is speculated to launch in 2025. Many of the leaks have yet to be confirmed by the publisher/holder. This…


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Hunter X Hunter: Nen Impact's Launch Roster Count Possibly Revealed At EVO Tokyo 2024

Published by Bushiroad and developed by tournament fighter veteran producers Eighting (Bloody Roar 2, Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes), Hunter X Hunter: Nen Impact has its first official trailer reveal. It was announced during EVO Japan 2024, currently still going, as of this writing, and roughly 8 minutes of trial gameplay was…


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Xbox Console Sales Down, But Xbox Gaming Revenue Grows, Based On Financial Report

The sales of the Xbox console over the last two gaming generations are a far cry from what they were during the halcyon days of the Xbox 360. But with Microsoft's pivot, it's something they aren't particularly concerned about, at least in the immediate future. The tech giant released its…


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Free Games Update April 2024 | Nintendo Switch Online Service + Expansion Pack Adds N64 Racers Extreme-G And Iggy's Reckin Balls

Following the update to the Super NES, the Nintendo Switch Online Service is making some additions to its Expansion Pack catalog for subscribers. If…


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New Fortnite Setting Will Allow Players To Hide 'Mean' And Confrontational Emotes

Video games are to provide leisure and a great time, and in the world of online multiplayer titles, traits like taunting may rub individuals the wrong way. For people who wish to maintain a game of Fortnite with good vibes, this new setting in the latest update will allow players to hide emotes that may be considered confrontational, based…


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RETRO REBOOT | Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn (PC)

Back in the mid-90's, I couldn't get enough of Command & Conquer. The real-time strategy, genre has always time-tested in my eyes, though in recent years it's not the staple of gaming it once was. In a…


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RUMOR: Sony Allegedly In Preliminary Talks To Bring Helldivers II To Xbox

With its blend of humor and near seamless co-op multiplayer action, Helldivers II has become wildly popular among fans and has proven to be quite a successful hit for PlayStation. Since its February 2024 launch, the PvE third person shooter developed by Arrowhead Game Studios has maintained a top spot on Steam charts, and as of late March, it has…


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Former StarCraft II Lead Dev Wants To Usher In An 'RTS Paradigm Shift' With New Studio 'Uncapped Games'

A new game studio plans to redefine the real-time strategy genre

RTSes were a genre that rose to popularity in the 90's and were a staple of PC gaming. As home consoles expanded the medium towards the turn of the century, it was a style of play that saw less prevalence in demand. Uncapped…


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Atari And WayForward Team Up For New Action Game 'Yars Rising'

One of the Atari 2600's most beloved games, Yars Revenge, is making a return. With development duties handed to WayForward Technologies, known for their work on the Shantae series, River City Girls, Contra: Operation Galuga, Yars Rising turns the space shooter into a side-scrolling explorative action game.

It was revealed at…


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REPORT: Golden Axe Animated Series Greenlit By Comedy Central

Video game adaptations remain a bountiful commodity. Showrunners are now giving the go-ahead to Sega's beloved classic side scrolling fantasy beat'em up getting an animated show. The news comes by way of…


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Koei Tecmo's Poor Game Sales Leading To A Financial Forecast Revision In 2025

After some solid initial sales in 2023 for Japanese publisher/developer Koei Tecmo and their studio Team Ninja with software such as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and the action RPG Wild Hearts, the returns ended up falling short of fiscal expectations. Based on reporting from…


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RETRO REBOOT | Twisted Metal (Sony PlayStation)

Remember when vehicular combat games were all the rage? Even though Mario Kart precedes it, the success of Twisted Metal launched this medium into the stratosphere. Combining its hectic gameplay while embracing the rebellious attitude of the mid-90's, this game arrived at just the right time to identify with the angsty teens who wanted to put away…


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REPORT: Shadow The Hedgehog May Be Voiced By Keanu Reeves In the Third Sonic Movie

With Sonic the hedgehog 2 teasing Sonic's anthropomorphic arch rival Shadow at the end of the second film (he was shown to be cryogenically frozen, created by Dr. Robotnik), questions began to emerge as to whom will be providing the voice. According to The…


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Ubisoft Removes License To Play Online Racer The Crew, After Shutting Down Servers

Game ownership, preservation, and accessibility remains an uncertain future for many game studios in today's landscape. A live service or piece of online software can run the risk of vanishing into the ether, for a myriad of reasons. Thus is the fate of Ubisoft's online-only racing game The Crew. Back in December 2023, UbiSoft pulled the Crew from…


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Free Games Update | Nintendo Switch Online Super NES April 2024 Updates

Some more additions are making their way to the Nintendo Switch Online service. The Super Nintendo catalog will see three new offerings, including two former Japan-only releases making their first appearance in the United States. With two games in one, it's the puzzle game Wrecking Crew '98. From developer IREM, the side-scrolling space…


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Electronic Arts Denies Dead Space 2 Cancellation Rumors, As EA Motive Shifts Team To Battlefield

EA's Dead Space Remake was released last year and received much critical praise and achieved considerable commercial success, being a best seller in the United States in January 2023. With sources indicating it had done very well, it came as a surprise when Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb reported that Electronic Arts had planned to work on a Dead Space 2…


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RETRO REBOOT | Bully: Scholarship Edition (Xbox 360): Video Games' The Sandlot

In recent memory, going back to as far as the beginning of the seventh generation of systems, there's few games that have commanded such attention for a sequel quite like Bully. The world would later learn through various info drips that a sequel was eventually canned. I initially missed out on this one and didn't quite understand its aura,…


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Balan Wonderworld Creator Yuji Naka Accuses Former Dragon Quest Director Of Lying During Naka's Insider Trading Trial

Yuji Naka, known for being one of the co-creators of classics like Sonic the Hedgehog, NIGHTs Into Dreams, and most recently the underwhelming and disappointing 3D platform game Balan Wonderworld, broke his social media silence to direct comments towards a former Square Enix producer, Yu Miyake. Before pleading guilty to insider trading in 2022, Naka…


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