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Free Games For May 2021: PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus members will have a metal-crunching, monster fighting, world-saving lineup of free offerings starting May 4. For the PlayStation 5, burn rubber in the heated, twisted metal covered tracks of Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last. PS4 players will have access to Electronic Arts' latest foray into World War II, Battlefield…


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REPORT: Resident Evil Re:Verse Will Not Launch Alongside Resident Evil Village

While Resident Evil: The Village continues to bask in very high anticipation prior to its release on May 7, there may be strong speculation that the multiplayer player-vs-player spin-off Resident Evil Re:Verse's launch date is suggesting it has been pushed back. Resident Evil's fan twitter account @RE8countdown tweeted that they are getting…


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RETRO REBOOT - SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs (PlayStation 2)

It's seldom when I'm such a big fan of a game in a genre that I'm completely terrible at playing. Tactical shooters are layered in complexity and generally have a lot of mechanics I'm a fan of, if you ignore the fact that I'm a horrendous shot and have the poise of a moth butting its head against a lamppost. SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs was the first game I…


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Free Games For May 2021: Xbox Games With Gold

It's that time of month! Xbox has May's lineup for free offerings for Game Pass members to indulge. These early spring freebies are Armello, and overthrow the underworld in Dungeons 3. And the classic lineup available through backward compatibility is Lego Batman and Tropico 4 for the Xbox 360.…


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Sony Working With Microsoft On 'Cloud Strategy'

Word has been picking up that Sony had plans for a cloud gaming service, a "counterpunch to Microsoft's Game Pass" early in April. Sony CEO Jim Ryan is on record of stating that putting games that boast multi-million dollar budgets on a subscription package was "unsustainable". PlayStation Now, their current service, offers 700 available games, though…


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Universal Studios Japan And Super Nintendo World Shutting Down Operations Temporarily

Japan's Super Nintendo World has ceased operations a little more a month into its grand opening March 18th. The Universal Studios Japan park has announced its closure due to the state of emergency for Osaka prefecture. A rise in Coronavirus cases caused concern from the government,…


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Xbox Live Gold No Longer Needed For Free-To-Play Games

A bit of surprising, but very welcome, news, Xbox will drop the Live Gold requirement to enjoy free-to-play games on the platform. After testing the service internally with games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends, the move was made to make this adjustment available for the public. The first tests for the Alpha insiders started…


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I know the phrase "worst ever" gets thrown around a lot when it comes to video game critique. It's great clickbait material and an easy way to gaslight a fanbase. That's not what happens here at Retro Reboot, where the incendiary comments are clean-burning and free of fossil fuels. Sums up my takes on practically anything; generally harmless and…


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Sony Reverses Decision To Close PS3 And Vita Storefronts

Sony pulls a 180 degree turn after the response to their choice to cut the PlayStation Store services from their seventh generation hardware. In late March, sources speculated that behind the scenes,…


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Days Gone Writer Says 'If You Love A Game, You Should Pay Full Price For It'

Though Sony has seen rousing success, there has been quite a bit of interesting turmoil behind the scenes with some of its development teams. Namely, Sony's Bend Studios has seen recent departures from some of its core staffers and talents. Veteran writer John Garvin, one of the original writers for Syphon Filter and 2019's Days Gone, who left Sony…


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House Of The Dead Remake Coming To The Nintendo Switch

House of the Dead, the classic 1997 Sega rail shooter returns with stylized graphics to Nintendo's hybrid console. The remake was actually introduced in 2019, finally revealed during April 14's IndieWorld showcase presented by Nintendo, courtesy of Forever Entertainment, who develops and produces many games for the Switch. Megapixel Studios is aiding…


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Konami Resurrects Getsu Fuma Den With New Entry, Undying Moon

Konami has reached far back into the obscure recesses of their intellectual properties to resurface a title that was highly praised, but never received an international release. Getsu Fuma Den: Undying Moon isn't a reboot of the series, but a sequel to the original. Undying Moon aims to place great emphasis on well-timed and strategic combat variables…


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Street Fighter Characters To Join Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid In Crossover

Some familiar World Warriors are coming to the Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid roster. Revealed on IGN, a Street Fighter DLC pack will be added to the game that will include Ryu and Chun Li, transforming as the Crimson Hawk Ranger and Blue Phoenix Ranger, respectively. Both fighters will be bundled at $12.50(US) or $5.99 individually. …


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RETRO REBOOT - Metal Gear Solid (Sony PlayStation)

One of the factors I talk about quite a bit is how video games towards the late 90's began to take a more cinematic approach. It would revolutionize the presentation of video games for the foreseeable future. I personally never thought of that as a good thing, because it would mean all of the biggest games would be overly drawn out talkies (Final…


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Sony Aiming For 'Blockbuster Games' Shifts Focus From Smaller Projects

Towards the middle portion of the seventh generation, Sony regained their footing in the platform race against the Xbox 360 by placing greater focus on big time exclusives. Games like Heavy Rain, the Uncharted series, and The Last of Us achieved high critical acclaim and sold millions, pushing the appeal of the PlayStation 3. Doubling down on those…


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Microsoft Reportedly In Talks With Kojima Productions About Publishing Their New Game

The Microsoft brand continues to be very busy the last couple of months. After the gargantuan acquisition of ZeniMax Media back in September 2020 and bolstering their Game Pass library, the team said they were far from done. Whether or not that meant more studio acquisitions has only been left for fans and pundits to debate, and rumors of purchasing…


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PAC-MAN 99 Announcement Trailer For Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can get prepared for a new twist on a classic by bringing Bandai Namco's arcade icon to the world of battle royale. Following the suit of Tetris 99 and the recently decommissioned Mario35, PAC-MAN 99 integrates the maze crawling into a 99-way player vs player mayhem! …


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RETRO REBOOT - WCW Nitro (Sony PlayStation)

WrestleMania is this weekend (at the time of this writing), figured Retro Reboot would take a break from Vince's product to look at an offering from the company that almost put him out of business in the late 90's.

While WWF was heavily on in our household throughout the late 80's growing up, my brother and I regularly dabbled in WCW Saturday…


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Dead Or Alive Director Yohei Shimbori Steps Down From Tecmo Koei

After 16 years, veteran game director and the head of the fighting games series Dead or Alive Yohei Shimbori (pictured left) has retired from his position at Tecmo Koei. This new was broke via Shimbori's personal Twitter account on March 31 where he thanked the company and the people he worked with.

(translated) "...I have retired…


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