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Double Feature: Lara and Geralt

Let's start this quicky with the announcement of the next Tomb Raider game: Shadow of the Tomb Raider. 

This is the third installment of the rebooted series and unlike the previous, Rise of the Tomb Raider, this one doesn't have launch exclusivity so Playstation players will get this one right off the bat. 

Due out September…


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The Division 2 Is On It's Way

After being leaked to the public via a German press release, Ubisoft has officially announced Tom Clancy's The Division 2. 

More details will come during this year's E3. 

Ubisoft will also be announcing updates to The Division including new Global events and Legendary missions. Also in June, players of The Division will be able to…


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OWL Stage 2 Week 2 Results And Standings

Week 2 of Stage 2 is all done and it was really exciting. Dallas Fuel looked very strong against Seoul Dynasty, but only managed to take one map off of them. They're coming together, xQc is showing that he is a great main tank player and aKm is showing that if given some leeway, he can hard carry his…


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New Battle Royale Game, The Darwin Project, Lands Friday

The Darwin Project is another addition to the Battle Royale genre but in a much smaller scale. It's a 10 person survival "game" which would appear to work the same way as PUBG or Fortnite. The difference, minus weather having an effect on health, is the inclusion of an 11th player, the show director, who oversees and influences the battle in multiple ways. Much like Director Mode in games like Left 4 Dead, which are usually only available in custom games, this mode will entail things from…


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Funko Season 3 Overwatch Pops Coming!

New Overwatch Funko Pops are on their way and this next set is my favorite so far. Not only does it include my prior mains, Mercy and Zarya, but Sombra is part of the mix. Being a newer character, I would have thought it wouldn't be till season 5 or 6 that we'd see her. 

And I love…


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Paladins New Unoriginal Idea Is Actually Different

With the popularity of 100 players battling it out on an island, it's only natural that people take the idea. Starting from the "hand made" survival battles of Minecraft, weaving through modded Day Z games, and bringing us to PUBG and Fortnite. 

Hi-Rez is taking it a step...further? 

So the makers of Smite are giving us yet another clone, Paladins: Battlegrounds. See where I'm going with this? …


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I'm Loving The New Doomfist

After Doomfist's latest update, which addressed numerous issues which really made him unplayable, I decided to try him out again:

Yup. I have a new favorite DPS. Watch out. 

Wanna play with me? Add UNPWN on Xbox One. 

Love YA!!!!

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SoulCalibur 6 Is Official

We mentioned it on the podcast and now it's official. SoulCalibur 6 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Weird that the story that brought our attention to this was about SoulCalibur 6 coming to Nintendo Switch, which there is no mention of. 

Either way, here's the announcement trailer:

I'm excited to see the exclusive…


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Winter Returns To Overwatch

It's that time again. Overwatch is returning to Winter Wonderland with new skins and an interesting new gameplay mode that puts 5 Mei's against 1 Winston. Think Evolve (the game). 

I'm sure they'll also make prior Winter Wonderland legendary skins cheaper. 

Here's the Developer Update:

Did you catch…


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Injustice 2 Reveals Atom Gameplay

Atom is one of the upcoming heroes in Injustice 2. He's the equivalent of Marvel's Antman. At first I was skeptical on how they'd utilize a character like this. 

Not anymore. 

This character has peaked my interest more than any character so far. I was going to wait until the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arrived before getting…


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The Division Still Exists, Gets Huge Update

Shame on me for only caring about things in my little bubble, but I had no clue that people still played The Division. 

Today Tom Clancy's The Division is getting a huge free update which includes a new area on the map, a new PvE mode, and PvP 4v4 deathmatch. 

Not only that, but from today until the 10th you can play The Division free including all 3 expansions. …


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The Incredibles Are Finally Back

It's been 14 years since The Incredibles was released and since then people like me, who thought The Incredibles was one of THE BEST Dis/Pix films ever, have always wanted the sequel. A sequel that was pretty much set up at the end of the film in 2004. 

We kind of got that sequel in 2005 in the form…


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A New Super Mario Bros. Movie Is Almost A Thing

Illumination Entertainment is close to signing a deal to bring an animated Super Mario Bros. movie to the big screen. Illumination is responsible for Despicable Me and The Secret Life Of Pets. 

It only makes sense to make it a CGI film. Live action'ing animated IP's don't usually…


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This Overwatch Early Development Video Is Fantastic

If you're an Overwatch fan, you MUST watch this video. It's neat to see how ideas turned into the reality we know today. Blah blah blah just watch the damn video.

I still love you. 

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Enter The World Of Stranger Things

I've seen the first season of Stranger Things and just started the second. At no point have I ever said, "hey, this would be a great video game".

Well, turns out it's going to be. And it's going to be in virtual reality. 

I give you, Stranger Things: The VR Experience:

Just another reason to pick up a PSVR. And if this…


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Hellboy's Gameplay In Injustice 2 Bothers Me

The new Hellboy gameplay trailer has be released and it's not that great.

His combos look very simple and mundane, the animation for him seems a, and did you notice his big arm?! It's got the old school "always in front" thing going for it. You know, it's not always his right arm. If you're facing left, it's on his…


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The Kinect Is Dead.

Another death in the Microsoft family. The Kinect is officially dead. Support WILL continue, but production has ceased. 

It shouldn't be too much of a surprise since the Xbox One S doesn't have a native port for it, and neither does the Xbox One X. 

I was a fan of the Kinect. I had it…


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EA Access Is Doing What It Said It Would Never Do

This week EA Access will be removing one of it's Vault titles. 

For undisclosed reasons, Fifa 14 will be removed. Earlier this year the company stated that they would be shutting down the Fifa 14 servers and remove the game from the EA Vault without a real reason. 



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Mario's Swimsuit Reveals More Than You Think

This will be quick, but just recently a picture of Mario in a bathing suit was released. It was meant to show a beach theme from Mario Odyssey. 

What ended up being revealed, besides Mario's cute lil' nips, was the mentality of a common Nintendo fan. People seem to be flipping out over his…


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The New Street Fighter 2 Cart Is On FIRE!

Well, only if you decide to play it. 

Turns out that playing this cartridge on an actual SNES could cause it to ignite. This is stated in fine print at the bottom of the product page. Some people are upset that most of them never even saw this before ordering. Here's the…


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