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Ubisoft Kicks Off Skull And Bones' Season 2 With A Free Week Of Play

Skull And Bones, Ubisoft's open-sea pirate adventure, may have been met with great scrutiny upon its release, despite a grand marketing campaign and glossing it as the world's first "quadruple-A" game. But there are plans to roll in its second season with a line of new content. Players who chose to bypass Skull And Bones' initial launch window will…


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Free Games Update | PlayStation Plus Monthly Games For June 2024

PlayStation's Days of Play celebration begins May 29, which includes a plethora of incentives for PlayStation fans. Along with extra avatar downloadables, some bonus game catalog additions (including VR titles), there's the monthly reveal of PlayStation Plus releases. Across the Essential, Extra, and Premium tiers, PS Plus subscribers will have…


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RETRO REBOOT | Medal Of Honor (Sony PlayStation)

As mentioned when I wrote a review for GoldenEye 007, that game by Rare may have been rapidly aged, even for its time, but it served as one of the most important games for first-person shooters on console.…


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CF Reviews Episode 28 | Center Ring Boxing [Sega Saturn]

Oh yeah, I also make YouTube reviews, used to do it more regularly. Attempting to get back into it. For this episode of CF Reviews, taking a look at Center Ring Boxing, known as Victory Boxing. It was developed by Victor Entertainment, and was one of video game's earliest 3D boxing games for home console.

How does it fare?…


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'DOOM: The Dark Ages' To Be Revealed During Xbox Games Showcase, Also Coming To PS5

The next entry in the long-running first person shooter series is expected to have a presentation during their Xbox Games Showcase, which is set to take place June 9th. According to Insider Gaming's Tom…


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Atari Purchases Former Rival Intellivision

History has been made. As of May 23th, 2024, the Atari brand has acquired the rights to Intellivision's trademarks and certain games software (up to 200 titles). The purchase brings an end to the original console war, stretching back to 45 years ago when the brands were aggressively competing against each other. 



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Pokémon Lazy Summer Merch Available Online

Prepare for those beach days and pool parties with some of the newest items to hit the U.S. Pokémon Center website! 

The Lazy Summer collection features adorable Pokémon line art…


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RETRO REBOOT | Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge (Sega Saturn)

Every now and then, there's that game or platform capable of blowing one's mind for someone born during my period; the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog, the launch of Super Nintendo, seeing Mortal Kombat Fatalities for the first time, it can be a plethora of things. Capcom fighting games were always an eye-opener with their ability to impress me, and the…


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PlayStation London Studio Announces Its Closure After Two Decades

PlayStation London Studio, a subsidiary of the Sony division, made news that they are shutting down their division today. This news follows Sony's announcement regarding…


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Summer Game Fest 2024 Reveals 55 Partners For The June Showcase

While the annual practice of the Electronic Entertainment Expo is a thing of the past, the Summer Game Fest event has become the new platform for publishers and developers, large and small, to showcase their upcoming software and projects. Since launching in 2020, this will be its fourth year as a platform. With a little over two weeks away, 55…


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Original Owners Of Friday The 13th Plans To Launch New Line Of Multimedia Featuring Jason Vorhees

"Welcome to a new era...of the Friday the 13th Franchise"

In a new relaunch of the iconic slasher horror series, there is a grand work to incorporate Jason Vorhees in a wide range of entertainment, as reported by…


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Rockstar Indicates A Fall 2025 Release Date For Grand Theft Auto VI

Take-Two Interactive recently released their fourth quarter and fiscal 2024 financial results, and the publishing/developing giant printed a list of upcoming major software. For…


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First Sneak Peak At Pyramid Head In 'Return To Silent Hill'

Along with a remake in development, Konami's psychological horror series is making its return to the big screen. Return to Silent Hill will mark the return of Christophe Gans to the director's chair. Gans, who directed the 2006 Silent Hill film. The first new image has been provided, courtesy of…


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Free Games Update | Nintendo Switch Online May 2024 - Celebrating 35 Years Of The Game Boy

In celebrating 35 years of Nintendo's handheld, the Nintendo Switch Online Service is adding some more classic software to the catalog from the Game Boy's first year!! Enjoy some traditional side-scrolling adventure with Super Mario Land. Next up, take a break with everyone's favorite pastoral game in Baseball. And finally from Intelligent Systems,…


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RETRO REBOOT | Psychic Force 2012 (Sega Dreamcast): Arena Fighting Anime Mediocrity

In the fighting game circles, the term "anime fighter" became pretty ubiquitous around the genre, mostly with the increased popularity of Arc System Works' Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series. Definitions can vary, but a general defining trait in the gameplay would be the air dashing mechanic, bullet hell projectiles, and of course the art style. In my…


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Multiversus Reveals Joker Gameplay Trailer, Powerpuff Girls Spotted By Fans

Multiversus, Warner Bros. Games' award winning free-to-play platform fighting game, is gearing for its re-launch later this month as a full-fledged gaming experience. And quite a way to kick things off with its newest roster addition, Batman's arch nemesis, The Joker. And of course, Mark Hamill will return to reprise the role of the…


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Square Enix Drops Sony Platform Exclusivity As Software Performance Flatines On PS5, Confirms US And EU Layoffs

Square Enix's profits drop 70% during the fiscal year ending in March 31st 2024

As Square Enix oversees its performance in the recent year, the company that was the forefront of the RPG renaissance in the mid-90s now aims to pursue an "aggressive multiplatform strategy" as their profits take a…


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Capcom Posts Nearly $1 Billion In Sales And Achieves Seventh Consecutive Year Of Net Profits

While the state of mainstream gaming teeters further into untrustworthy territory with the populace, Capcom has been fairly consistent in recent times. From a pillar of the arcades, to a household staple on home consoles throughout the 90's, to some financial struggles in the 2000's, the Resident Evil maker has seen strong consecutive financial…


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Nintendo Switch Will Be Removing Photo And Video Sharing To Twitter/X In June 2024

Nintendo fans have one more month to take advantage of sharing their gameplay videos via X. According to a post on the social media platform, X (formerly known as Twitter) will have its integration removed.  

On June 10, 2024, we will discontinue integration for X (formerly Twitter) as well as the ability to send friend requests to…


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Experience The Speedrunning Challenge Of The Nintendo World Championships On The Nintendo Switch

Held and launched in the 1990's, the Nintendo World Championships was collaboration of specially designed versions of Nintendo games for competitors to meet certain goals in the best possible time. Now fans old and new alike will have a chance to partake in the white knuckle adrenaline rush on their home console. 

The Nintendo World…


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