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Nicktoons Are Coming Back

I used to love the old Nicktoons, and Rocko's Modern Life was simply amazing. It was aimed at a younger crowd, but it also had a very adult vibe to it. 

Well, we will be able to relive this starting next month when Netflix brings us two nostalgia filled cartoons back, but this time in movie form. 

August 9th is the premier of…


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Nintendo Will Fix Joycon Drift Problems Free of Charge

It only took two years after the console's release, Nintendo will finally address the "Joycon drift" issue that has affected a large number of Nintendo Switch users. Drift is the general term for when a character in a game will continue to move in a direction even if the user isn't inputting the action on the analog stick. I remember this being an…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Circus Caper (NES)

Some games, man, some games. Circus Caper ranks as one of those NES titles I'd sum up as obnoxious. This wound up being a rental for us that later became a purchase, almost because my brother had the game almost beaten. The mentality being from a parent's perspective, "they're playing it a lot, so clearly that means they like it." There's very little…


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The Overwatch Leak Was Correct

Last week I reported on a leak from Team Mexico's Twitter account. You can read that leak right here.

In it, I talked about Jeff Kaplan having a sit down with none other than Seagull. Seagull questioned Jeff about Sigma, to which Jeff replied…


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Sonic and Tails to Guest Star on OK KO Let's Be Heroes

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog will be in for a treat. While Paramount's Sonic movie may be pushed back to Valentine's Day 2020, the Blue Bomber will make a surprising television appearance. Cartoon Network announced at San Diego Comic Con Sonic the Hedgehog will appear in an episode of the series OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes. Created by…


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First Trailer For Netflix's Witcher Is Here

It's been a busy week because of the San Diego Comic Con and I'm super thankful for that. Now we finally get the trailer for Netflix's The Witcher with Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. It also shows Henry Cavill's "bulging" physique, like holy shit it's impressive! Anyway, here is the trailer...

I'm more interested in this series than I…


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Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC Plans

Marvel's Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order has been released today exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. 

This is also San Diego Comic Con weekend, so a lot of info has been revealed about the title. …


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The New Avengers Game Gets Leaked

So we have finally been graced with the footage from the looooooong awaited Avengers game from Square Enix. Granted, it’s leaked footage from SDCC which wasn’t supposed to be public until after Gamescom.

The game looks like it’s going to be…


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Overwatch Hero 31 Leaked

This has been a huge Overwatch day. So lets begin. 

The Leak

The above image is a screen cap from the Mexican Overwatch Community leader. Notice something strange about his character play time? …


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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Is Here

Yep, you read this right! On the way is a new Jay and Silent Bob movie. Just like the prior Kevin Smith movies this one will be star studded as usual. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will of course make an appearance as well as "Boo-Boo-Kitty-Fuck" Shannon Elizabeth. Here is the new trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, enjoy!

The movie is…


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Veteran Video Game Music Producers Return for Streets of Rage 4 Soundtrack

Since the glossy trailer dropped in August of 2018, there's been very little on the newsfront regarding the return of Streets of Rage 4. Developers LizardCube and Guard Crush Games have been rather quiet outside of some brief snippets of gameplay. Not even so much of a projected release date has been announced by publisher DotEmu. Recently, some new…


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Another new Switch Model?

The Switch is getting a new model... well sorta. While it's not the rumored "pro" model thats been rumored, it is an upgrade to the current models. The biggest upgrade is the battery life. 

The original…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Pokemon Snap (Nintendo 64)

Up until the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the mainline series was never featured on Nintendo's major home consoles. Instead, the N64 and Gamecube saw many attempts at making experimental ventures. Perhaps the most popular of these being Pokemon Battle Stadium. I never had a chance to play it, heard it was good. Instead I gravitated…


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Switch Lite

One of the big rumors for E3 was Nintendo was going to announce a new Switch model. That didn't happen. 

However, they did end up announcing a new Switch Model... in the middle of July.

The Nintendo Switch Lite.

This leaner version of the Nintendo Switch is focused more on portability then anything else. Sporting a sleeker design…


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Cuphead Gets His Own Show

Cuphead is going to Netflix in the form of the Cuphead Show!

And why wouldn’t it? In fact, I would think they’d kill two birds if game production coincided with the show. And imagine the in-game events that they could have with a show running alongside the game.

Netflix could go a step…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Super Metroid (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

When the conversation of the greatest video game of all time comes up, certainly it's subjective and there's no general consensus on formulating a definitive answer. And I try to not sound like a product of my time (says the guy that writes a column that exclusively talks about retro games), but I feel the world's greatest video games on the planet…


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The Nintendo Age Of Censorship

Nintendo has had a history of censoring their games. From turning blood to sweat in the original Mortal Kombat to removing religious symbols from The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo went a little crazy with their censorship rules.…


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KORG & Nintendo At It Again

IPad DJ's take note. You will now be able to use your Nintendo Switch to put on concerts! 

KORG will be releasing a version of its music creation software "KORG Gadget" for the Nintendo Switch. Titled "KORG Gadget 3.0" and being released on July 11th for the Nintendo Eshop. This update brings the software more in line with the iOS and Android…


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WayForward Drops a Trailer for River City Girls

The long-running Kunio-kun/ River City series will see another entry with the official announcement of River City Girls. Taking the role of Kyoko and Misako, the two tough-as-nails high schoolers battle their way through six regions of River City to rescue their boyfriends and longtime franchise mainstays, Kunio and Riki.…


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Studio MDHR Teases The First DLC For Cuphead To Be Delayed

The first DLC from Studio MDHR for Cuphead entitled "The Last Delicious Course" was originally announced on June 10th, 2018 and was set to be released sometime in 2019. Today it was announced that the DLC has been delayed to a 2020 release. During the original announcement the DLC was going to be exclusively released to Xbox One and PC. Since that…


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