October 2020 Blog Posts (22)

Halo Infinite Loses Director Amidst Another Delay

More news coming out of the troubling development cycle of Halo Infinite at 343 Industries. Originally slated to be a launch title for the upcoming Xbox Series X|S on November 10th, production shortcomings, reported behind the scenes issues, and the matter of the coronavirus making matters more difficult, the project was pushed back to an as of yet…


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Free Games For November: PS Plus & Xbox Games With Gold. Featuring BUGSNAX!

Looking for some tabs on upcoming free games? Game Fix has you covered here with the details on what to expect from Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus for November. The PlayStation 5 hits stores next month, so Plus members will be treated to the likes of Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition, along…


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Manage Your Own Esports Team On Nintendo Switch

Ready to test your management skills? Esports Life Tycoon has launched today on Nintendo Switch. 

Game rundown

Esports Life Tycoon is a fun, casual MOBA manager/sim that reveals the inner workings of the competitive gaming scene. As the CEO of a professional…


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Assassin's Creed X Netflix

Coming off the the great "The Witcher" adaption, Netflix has decided to take their chance with another property.


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RETRO REBOOT - Maken X (Sega Dreamcast)

Halloween is this Saturday, it would only be fitting that I cover a game that focuses on global annihilation. But not just any kind. How's about one where the fate of planet Earth is left completely up to the player? Maken X comes from parts of the production staff that has worked on the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. This was back before the…


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Michael Pachter Suggests Nintendo Drop 'Hybrid' Console, Just Sell The Switch Lite

Tech Analyst Michael Pachter generally earns a lot of attention for hot takes about the game industry and hardware that leads to quite a heaping dose of backlash from the community. Recently in an interview with…


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The Latest Retro Console, The Analogue Duo

Earlier this year, Konami released the TurboGrafx-16 Mini, a very well manufactured compilation of the PC Engine's essential library. It was reviewed here on Game Fix a little more than a month ago. it had some shortcomings, but the…


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RETRO REBOOT - Truxton (Sega Mega Drive)

Just because September is over doesn't mean SHMUPs won't be discussed on the regular. I feel a touch remiss that I didn't get a chance to speak about one during the run, but there's no time like the present to bring up Truxton. Since our family invested more in the NES, I had figured it didn't get any better than Gradius, Legendary Wings, Twin Cobra,…


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Despite Their Strong Relationship, Don't Expect Many More Xbox Titles On Nintendo Consoles

A little more than a calendar year or so, it was made even greater public knowledge of the budding relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft when the topic of crossplay was brought up. Through their partnership, some games under the Xbox library have seen their way onto the Nintendo Switch, like Cuphead and Ori and the Blind…


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New In-Game Content For StarCraft II Comes To An End

As the passage of time is unaltered, the inevitable day has come for newly produced content for StarCraft II to wrap up. Just after its 10 year anniversary, Blizzard Entertainment's VP Rob Bridenbecker issued an update regarding the state of the real-time strategy game that while updates and patches will continue to ensure the game will run at an…


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Mystery Gift Codes for Ash's Pikachu in Pokémon Sword & Shield

The Pokémon Company has been gifting us plenty of Pokémon since Sword and Shield came out nearly a year ago. Our latest freebies come in the form of a host of electric mice with cute hats! Ash's Pikachu is now available in five different versions - that's five free Pikachu with various hats from the course of the long-running anime…


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Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory Playable Demo Is Now Live

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, the newest entry in the series, has a demo that currently available to download on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Melody of Memory is a rhythm-based action game that narrates the events of the Dark Seeker Saga through Kairi's perspective.…


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I Hope You Like Whoppers

Having a hard time securing your PS5 pre-order? Have no fear cause the King is here. No, not Jerry Lawler, the other King. 

Burger King is going to help you out. A new promotion starting Oct 15th is going to give those having issues with their PS5 pre-orders a shot at winning one. If you purchase two for $5 meals at any Burger King in the US,…


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Retro Reboot - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis)

A little more than a year and month ago, I reviewed the Fighting Edition of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the SNES and suggested that be the place to go to find your Super Sentai spandex-clad smackdown for your sixteen bit systems. The engine it ran on was really good, the graphics were fantastic for their time, and Natsume put a lot of effort into…


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Halloween Terror Event Returns To Overwatch October 13th

Blizzard Entertainment made an announcement that Overwatch's Halloween Terror event will be back tomorrow October 13th, and will run until November 3rd 2020. During the limited time event, new skins will be available for D.Va, Sigma, Sombra, Echo, and Brigitte. No other characters have been announced to receive any new outfits.…


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Genshin Impact, Free 2 Play Done Right

When Genshin Impact was announced last year, there was a lot of comparisons to the Nintendo exclusive Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They're both open world, they both have cell shading style graphics, and they both emphases exploration. 

The biggest difference between the two games is Genshin is…


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Microsoft And GameStop Agree To Multiyear Partnership

The Microsoft news continues to roll in as the marathon towards the release date of the Xbox Series X draws near. In this recent announcement, the tech company is teaming up with GameStop in a strategic alliance to advance GameStop's strategic pillars and advance the company's omni-channel ecosystem. This move will possibly provide a much needed…


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The 2020 Donkey Kong Hallmark Ornament Is Out In The Wild

Hallmark's Keepsake Nintendo ornament collection continues to grow this year with the addition of multiple officially licensed ornaments. From Pokémon to Mario to the NES itself, this year's set is a great addition to your geeky tree. 

Many of these ornaments tend to sell out every year, which is where Donkey Kong comes in. This year's…


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Sega Releases New Yakuza: Like A Dragon Trailer

The Yakuza series has always been known to be quite surreal and a little larger than life as the series progressed. Its newest entry, Like a Dragon, the eighth mainline game and the first to not focus on long-time protagonist Kazama Kiryu, looks like it's going to be an absolute off-the-wall adventure pulled off the pages of a manga. 

Like A…


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RETRO REBOOT - The Legend of Kage (NES)

There's likely s study that can prove ninja will generally make anything and any situation that much better. Video games, movies, breakfast, weddings, turtles, clothes shopping for a toddler. Place a ninja in the general vicinity, and you got a party on your hands. Or at least a spy and/or vanquishing of a commander during the Sengoku period. The…


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