October 2022 Blog Posts (19)

Pokémon Winter Collection Released

Planning for the winter holidays has already begun at the Pokémon Center! A whole slew of items, from clothing to figures to home goods, are available this very minute. 

It's quite…


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Free Games For November 2022: Xbox Games With Gold

This month's Xbox Games With Gold titles have been announced. The two offerings for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers are headlining the catalog include the ghost-busting shooter from studio Ant Workshop, Dead End Job, and from developers Torus Games and Pyro Studios, the real-time strategy game Praetorians.…


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Veteran Sega RPG Producer Rieko Kodama Passes Away

The gaming world lost am inspiring talent. Rieko Kodama, affectionately known as Phoenix Rie by her colleagues, passed away back in May of 2022. News of her death was kept from being public news out of respect for her family, when Sega was asked on inquiry. These details didn't become public knowledge until late October, when a memorial tribute was…


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Free Games For November 2022 - PlayStation Plus Monthly Games

The lineup for the PlayStation Plus free downloads have been announced, and here's some details regarding the games heading to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. Coming to both platforms includes Team Ninja's action RPG prequel to Nioh, Nioh 2. And from 2pt Interactive comes the gravity/physics based co-op game, Heavenly…


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Man, three years into writing game reviews, and I've only scratched the surface of the Kunioverse. Back when I talked about how much of an impact Double Dragon had on the brawler genre in terms of commercial success, the influence of the Kunio-kun series from creator Yoshihisa Kishimoto is practically responsible for the attitude and streetwise…


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Free Games For November 2022: Mario Party Games Coming to NSO

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members will see some new additions next month, as two Mario Party games will make their way to the Nintendo 64 catalog. Multiplayer vs/co-op makes its way to the platform with Mario Party and Mario Party 2. The four-player action that started the fracus on the Nintendo 64 will be available November 2nd.…


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Resident Evil 4 Remake Trailer Reveal, And Release Date

The line-up of horror-themed games contiune. Following Konami's Silent Hill 2 Remake showcase, Capcom's planned rollout for a more sinister return to El Pueblo with trailers for the Resident Evil 4 Remake, hitting platforms in 2023. Not aiming to go the route they took with the remake of 2019's Resident Evil 2, which kept a good ton familiar with thr…


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Konami's SILENT HILL Transmission Presentation Includes Silent Hill 2 Remake And Several New Projects

The silence has been broken, and news about the long speculated Silent Hill teaser trailers were revealed in Konami's upcoming projects. For the better part of 2022, the company beind Gradius, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Contra had sat on closely guarded news about the beloved psychological horror series, now details are…


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When it comes to NES games that are notorious for their insane difficulty, Top Gun is definitely one that hangs at the top of the list. It was one that was probably one of the reasons our dad bought an NES for our household, he put all kinds of hours into this and could land the plane nearly every time. I can't think of many flight simulator action…


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Former Bayonetta Voice Actress Hellena Taylor Urges Fans To Boycott Bayonetta 3

News broke last week from PlatinumGames that the original voice of Bayonetta, Hellena Taylor would not reprise the role. Jennifer Hale, who has portrayed characters on Nintendo platforms in the past, such as Samus in Metroid, was hired to take the part for the foreseeable future.…


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New Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Trailer Discusses Skill Tree Abilities

(Image: SEGA)

As Sonic Frontiers gets closer to a release, the gradual rollout of information regarding Sonic's new open world adventure has been mostly modest. Beyond the departure of structured levels and zones like past Sonic games (much of the locations still look pretty barren), little about Frontiers'…


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The Dead Space Remake Confirmed To Skip Previous Generation Consoles

(Image: Electronic Arts)

Powered by EA's Frostbite engine, the Dead Space Remake has so far impressed with each trailer. With Gunner Wright returning to reprise his role as Isaac Clarke, it appears that EA's Motive Studios have made a lot of right choices. Fans who have not jumped to the next…


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RETRO REBOOT - Dig Dug 2 Trouble In Paradise: Is It Misunderstood? (NES)

There's that saying "if it's not broke, don't fix it". During that period in video games where expectations for a sequel had no basis to be met, this essentially means that studios were free to experiment with a conventional concept. This is pretty much what Namco did as a follow-up to their eternally entertaining arcade smash hit Dig Dug with Dig…


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Financial Report From Star Ocean Developer tri-Ace Indicates Major Losses

(Image: Square Enix)

Studio tri-Ace, has been the long time producer of the Star Ocean franchise, a series of star-faring quests that blends futuristic technology and aspects of fantasy-style storytelling. While not quite the household name as Dragon Quest, Persona, or Final Fantasy, Star Ocean is a name…


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Silent Hill Movie Director Confirms Konami's Work On Multiple Silent Hill Game Projects

(Image: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

For the longest time, fans of Konami's psychological horror franchise have been hoping for a new game in the series. We have reported over the last year or so about fairly solid sources indicating a return of Silent Hill is imminent, though nothing has been officially…


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PlatinumGames Changes Bayonetta's Voice Actress, Jennifier Hale Takes Up Role For Third Game

WIth Bayonetta 3 hitting store shelves later this October for the Nintendo Switch, this long-awaited sequel to the adventures of the Umbra Witch now pits her against a man-made foe. With many familiar allies, along with new ones, Bayo's third installment features new skills, combos, and spells to flesh out PlatinumGames' signature speedy…


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BREAKING: Super Mario Bros. Movie First Official Teaser Trailer

As reported last week, the world has finally received their first look at the new Super Mario Bros. movie in action. Produced by Nintendo in collaboration with Illumination (Minions: The Rise of Gru, Sing 2), this will also be the first time everyone has their chance to hear the English voice actors, namely Jack Black's Bowser, Kevin Michael…


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CD Projekt RED Has Plans For A Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel

While it's had a rocky, and one may say controversial, development cycle of Cyberpunk 2077 that had many fans questioning the integrity of Polish studio CD Projekt RED, it's without question in their future plans. These ideas for their roadmap are laid out via a report regarding their…


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RETRO REBOOT - Mortal Kombat Special Forces (PlayStation)

Ah, Mortal Kombat. While it reached some Everest-level highs in the early 90's with its comic nook lore that blended mysticism with classic martial arts movies, it hit some embarrassing and awful lows toward the later half of the decade. Looking for ways to maintain fan interest in the rapidly shifting field of fighting games (the series is more…


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