March 2023 Blog Posts (23)

Free Games For April 2023: Xbox Games With Gold

March is wrapping up, and it's time for a line of new games coming to Game Pass Ultimate's Games With Gold program for the month of April. From Brazilian development team Behold Studios comes the resource management survival game, Out Of Space: Couch Edition. And based on the Netflix and BBC television show, the puzzle adventurer Peaky Blinders:…


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REPORT: E3 2023 Officially Confirmed To Be Cancelled

The reports of E3's return to relevance have been greatly exaggerated. The once revered in-person gathering of publishers and developers had geared itself up for a grand refurbishing of its presentation for Los Angeles this year. Speculation was mildly piqued when it was announced that…


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The Big Gameplay Changes In The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

With the follow-up to 2017's Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a little more than a month away from launch, we now get one the first extended exhibits of its gameplay. The anticipation for what the latest venture through Hyrule has in tow are now answered, to some degree. Game director Eiji Aonuma hosted a 13 minute…


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RETRO REBOOT - Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 (Xbox 360/PS3)

While the Castlevania series thrived on Nintendo's handhelds with the Game Boy Advance and DS systems, the series tried experimenting occasionally on major consoles throughout the late aughts. In 2010, the first big action game would be headed by Kojima Productions with an attempt at a reboot in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I found it to be an…


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Lush Collaborates With The Super Mario Bros Movie For Limited Edition Soaps And Cleaners

With about two weeks away as of this writing, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is so close, you can smell it. Almost literally now. Cosmetics company Lush is currently collaborating with Nintendo to release some special edition body care products, ranging from bath bombs, shower gel, and body sprays. 

Power-up your bathing with…


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Concerns Over Microsoft's Activision Blizzard Acquisition Lightened By UK CMA

The Microsoft purchase of Activision Blizzard has seen its roadblocks as the situation was brought to regulators concerned over a monopoly in the business, causing a substantial cut on competition in the video game business. The Xbox brand has gained a meaningful victory in the deal going forward with the development of recent news.…


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Kim Kaphwan Returns In King Of Fighters XV's Second Season of DLC

When the trailers were rolling out in 2020, fans were quick to point out Kim Kaphwan's absence. A staple of Fatal Fury and King Of Fighters since his inception, the Taekwondo master has always been a part of the mainline series. He now makes his return in SNK's latest trailer for the season 2 content.…


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Domestic Battery Charges Against Rick & Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland Dropped

The forced imprisonment and domestic violence charges against voice actor and Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland were dropped today, as verified by Roiland himself on Twitter and later confirmed by…


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RETRO REBOOT - Tony Hawk's Underground (PlayStation 2/Xbox/GameCube)

The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise was netting Activision a TON of money throughout the early 2000's these games took over the planet and capitalized greatly from the height of X-sports. With no real competitor in the medium, and the "if it's not broke, don't fix" control scheme, the almost annual releases were enjoyable, but began to run a tough…


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YouTuber Jirard The Completionist Buys Enitre Wii U And 3DS Libraries, Seeking Game Preservation

On March 27th, the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS eShops will be decommissioned, officially bringing a close to the previous era of Big N's platforms.Sure, the Switch may have become a mainstream success for the fans of the brand and the company, and while the Wii U was a comercial failure due to poor marketing and lack third party support, it's rather…


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The Toxic Crusaders Return In A New Stylish Brawler

It's one thing to see Lloyd Kaufman's creation, twisted and foul dark superhero comedy Toxic Avenger, get a children's television show and an expansive toyline in the late 80's, going into the 90's. Toxie also had several video games on multiple platforms back in the day. What if I told you that the same children's television show, The Toxic…


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Pokémon Graduation Merch Now Online

Another year has come and gone, which means the 2023 Pikachu graduation collection is now available on the U.S. Pokémon Center website!

As of writing this blog, all items are in stock and available for purchase. Not everything is branded with 2023. (Last year I bought the Pikachu graduation plush when I had graduated college years…


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Free Games For March 2023: Nintendo Switch Online NES, SNES & Game Boy Updates

Midway through March, and Nintendo is offering more updates to the Switch Online Service and its retro platforms. These four games are available now to play. For the NES, Namco's classic vertical arcade space shooter, Xevious. For the Super Nintendo, the 16-bit enhanced version of Data East's pocket billiards simulator, Side Pocket.…


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All this recent talk about Rogue City, which as of this writing is scheduled to be released later this year, I took pause and thought about RoboCop's history of video games. What comes to mind immediately is, Paul Verhoeven's movie was one of the films in the 80's to receive an X rating for its gruesome (and awesome) violence. Yet, this very adult…


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IO Interactive States Next Hitman Game Will Be Put On Hiatus For Other Projects

Studio IO Interactive will be a busy brand in the coming months, so while a new installment in the Hitman series remains in the plans, it might not be for a while down the road. In a recent interview with…


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Capcom Announces Exoprimal Release Date, Day One On Game Pass

Capcom's newest IP, the third-person dinosaur shooter was initially revealed a year and several days ago from this press date. 12 months later, Exoprimal has a new trailer with more details around the game's plot and lore, as well as a launch date.

While rifts in time and space, called vortexes, have led to an overrun of dinosaurs across the world.…


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RoboCop: Rogue City's New Gameplay Trailer Showcases Grisly Shootouts

Polish developing studio Teyon (Terminator: Resistance, Heavy Spire: Shattered Spear) have been working to bring the ultra-violent action of the iconic 1987 film to a first-person shooter. The studio and NACON have worked closely with MGM in order to bring as authentic an experience to the game as possible. Alex Murphy actor Peter Weller will return…


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Starfield Official Launch Date: Pushed Back To September 2023

With Starfield being Bethesda's first new universe the studio, Todd Howard and staff seem to be taking considerable effort in its development cycle. For that matter, it feels like it's been an eternity since its initial reveal trailer and its first lengthy delay the game has faced.

Last May, it was announced that Starfield, along with Arkane's…


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RETRO REBOOT - Skies Of Arcadia (Sega Dreamcast)

The Dreamcast was a pretty good console for Sega to go out on, but its ground was lost very quickly by the launch of the PlayStation 2 and its diverse library of role-playing games. And while the 'Cast had an appeal that catered more towards an era losing its relevance, it has some RPGs that are fondly remembered. The turn-based wayfaring venture…


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem Teaser Trailer Reveal

The first official trailer for the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been dropped, returning the Heroes in a Half-shell to the big screen for the first time since 2016. With a star-studded cast, brilliant animation, and the directorial debut of Jeff Rowe (former writer on the Disney animated series Gravity Falls, and co-directed Sony's…


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