March 2024 Blog Posts (23)

Take-Two Interactive Acquires Geabox From Embracer Group For $460 Million

The wholesale purge of media holdings company Embracer Group rolls forward. According to…


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Free Games For April 2024 | PlayStation Plus Monthly Games, Headlined By Immortals Of Aveum

With springtime in bloom, the calendar rolls around to welcome in warm weather, as well as some new free offerings for PlayStation Plus subscribers. If you're a part of the Essential, Extra, and Premium tiers, all games will be available across the PS4 and PS5 platforms.

Exclusively for the PlayStation 5, the 2023 first person shooter from…


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Konami Trailer Teases Upcoming Crossover Event With Survival Game, V Rising

While Castlevania has taken a long hiatus from the public eye, it appears to be enjoying crossover events. Konami has dropped a trailer teasing the legendary vampire killer Simon Belmont coming to the online survival game V Rising, in a Legacy of Castlevania crossover event. And it appears players will be pitted against the legendary vampire…


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RETRO REBOOT | Super Bomberman (Super Nintendo)

Going back to the Hudson Soft line of games, next to the Hudson Bee, Hachisuke, BomberMan may easily have been the publisher/producer's most recognized character. Super Bomberman, developed by Produce! Co. (Dual Heroes and Mystic Ark) was my introduction to the series, though it had been around a decade prior to our family getting…


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Xbox CEO Phil Spencer Hints That PC Storefront Epic Games Could End Up On Xbox Consoles

The Xbox mission statement of expansion and accessibility of its own ecosystems continue to explore in this latest potential development. In an interview with Polygon, CEO of Xbox…


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Overwatch 2's PvE Content Is Officially Done, Will Offer Free Heroes Next Month

Overwatch's story-based player vs environment content has reached the end of its road, based on sources. According to Bloomberg's Jason Scheier, the development staff is planning on permanently cancelling its player vs environment features due to lack of interest and poor's sale, as the competitive shooter is still searching for ways to re-establish…


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What We Know About Fatal Fury: City Of Wolves So Far

One of the most critically revered and influential 2D fighting games is finally getting a sequel. Originally released on the Neo Geo arcade hardware in 1999 and seeing a port to the Sega Dreamcast, SNK has revived the Fatal Fury series with its newest game, and direct follow-up to Mark of the Wolves, Fatal Fury: City of Wolves.

According to a…


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RETRO REBOOT | The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Nintendo GameCube)

So I have probably talked about it at a decent amount of length with my feelings on 3D Zeldas with my review of Ocarina of Time. Subjective, sure, and I won't…


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Palworld Boss: '[The Massive Profits] Are Too Big For A Studio Our Size To Handle'

Much to the surprise of the gaming world, Palworld ended up being a hit out of nowhere. Launching in early access from on January 19th, the resource management survival adventure game that allows you be aided by adorable critters known as "Pals" saw a player count of over 2.1 million concurrent players and topping the Steam sales charts at 12 million…


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REPORT: PlayStation 5 Pro Leaks Reveal Specs And Projected Release Date

According to reports, it appears the PlayStation 5 leaks about the next incarnation of the current generation hardware were accurate. Based on news provided by The Verge,…


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Developers SNK And ARIKA Plan Collaboration To Revive Classic SNK Properties

SNK Corporation and developer ARIKA have announced a partnership that will see efforts in the future to bring some of SNK's library of intellectual properties back. SNK, whose bread and butter has been their fighting games (King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown), has made statements in the past about returning to more full-time console software…


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Free Games Update | Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Game Boy Additions

In honor of Mario Day, Nintendo rolled out a collection of themed games about the iconic colorful plumber on the Game Boy lineup for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. The popular puzzle game, Dr. Mario, Mario Tennis, and Mario Golf can be played by subscribers.

These games are available TODAY (requires membership for…


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Multiversus Development Team Announces A Roadmap For A Spring Launch

It's been a long time since the fanbase has heard from Multiversus. Published by Warner Bros games and developed by Player First Games, the platform fighter's open beta launched in July 2022, and was pulled from PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows digital storefronts after the beta period ended in June 2023.

On March 11th, after a lengthy silence,…


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RETRO REBOOT | Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee (GameCube/Xbox)

There weren't a ton of Godzilla video games throughout my childhood. Aside from the NES game, Godzilla: Monster of Monsters (that one is gonna have its day), there wasn't much else I remember. Then in the 2000's there were a handful of kaiju battler titles, the subject of this review Destroy All Monsters Melee, Godzilla Domination (for the…


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Former PlayStation CEO Says PlayStation Is Overspending: 'Exclusivity Is Your Achilles' Heel...'

The landscape of video games and the budgets have become quite the conversation, as seen by the massive number of layoffs between Xbox and…


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Sony Publishes Stellar Blade Demo, Then Deletes It From PlayStation Store

According to reports, if you happened to browse around the PlayStation Store, you may have seen the phantom release of a 45 minute demo for Stellar Blade. The upcoming action game from Shift-Up Corporation had the demo available, but it was only up for roughly a half hour. This was long enough for PS5 users to access and play through long enough to…


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Legendary Manga Author, Dragonball Creator Akira Toriyama Passes Away, Age 68

Shocking news in the world of entertainment, heavily influential illustrator and the author of the Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball Super series passed away March 1st, 2024. The cause of death, according to reports, was acute subdural hematoma at the age of 68. A private funeral was held with only his family in…


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Classic Arcade Games Coming To Sling TV Streaming Service For FREE

The blending of multimedia entertainment is taking quite the step. Live streaming service provider Sling TV announces that they will launch classic arcade games on its platform. According to their press release, they will be partnering up with Play.Works to bring video games that will work simultaneously with live or recorded television, with their…


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Rumors Indicate Beloved Action RPG Gravity Rush 2 May Be Getting Remastered For The PS5

Developed by SIE's (Sony Interactive Entertainment) in-house staff, the Gravity Rush games are among one of the PlayStation's beloved properties may be receiving an upgrade to the latest platform, namely Gravity Rush 2. While not considered a financial success, the open world game has been greenlit for a movie, which is said to be in…


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RETRO REBOOT | Blast Chamber (Sony PlayStation)

With the ongoing delays of Nintendo's Ultra 64, and Sega's floundering of the Saturn, the hot new kid at school, the Sony PlayStation, had little to no problems impressing gameheads in the mid 90's with its launch. Legit, a large part of Sony's success was due to the well-timed bone-headed mistakes of their competition. Our family picked pone up in…


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