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RETRO REBOOT | Ballz (SNES/ Sega Mega Drive)

When looking back at what can possibly be the worst fighting game of the golden age, there's a ton of garbage to sift through. A lot of the Mortal Kombat knockoffs, Pit-Fighter (strong…


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REPORT: Capcom's 'Big Game' Announcement Won't Include Any New Resident Evil Remakes In 2024

Publisher/developer Capcom has enjoyed quite the resurgence in recent years. With worldwide acclaim of games like Monster Hunter, the strong sales of Street Fighter 6 released earlier this year, and the high quality that their own built RE Engine adds to their games, it's a pretty good time to be a Capcom fan. Even Exoprimal has been a fun…


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Developer Bloober Team States Silent Hill 2 Remake Is It's Progressing Smoothly, Asks Fans For 'Patience'

Konami has invested greatly in two of the publisher/developer's biggest intellectual properties, Metal Gear and Silent Hill. Regarding the latter, the Silent Hill 2 Remake was revealed during the…


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RETRO REBOOT | Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo 64)

When talking about the dark ages of game development (at least regarding the jump between the fifth and sixth console generations), it's not a hot take to say that the games seldom withstand the test of time. From that period, there came the original blueprints for how concepts taken for granted in modern games would come to fruition. Goldeneye 007…


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Nintendo Of America Begins Its Black Friday Sales

With the holidays rolling in, Nintendo has launched some quality discounts for digital software on the Nintendo Store. As of this writing, you can take advantage of these available deals now until December 3rd at 11:59p.m. PT.  For the next two weeks, you may save on select games for up to as much as 50% off and beyond on the…


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REPORT | Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Seemingly Dead

Anything I say becomes a headline - Lars Wingefors (Embracer Group CEO)

Based on outlets, the troubled development of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic may be put to rest, as it appears nobody is currently working the game. According to a report from Zoey Handley of…


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Net Marble's King Of Fighters All-stars Teases Crossover Event With Street Fighter 6

It's that time again for SNK and Capcom to collaborate...within the mobile game universe, that is. The mobile game King of Fighters All-stars, a side-scrolling brawler with gacha mechanics where you can acquire and build your dream KOF teams, posted on their X/Twitter a teaser image with the caption "coming soon".…


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RETRO REBOOT | Smash TV (Arcade)

Smash TV certainly grabbed my attention. I legit remember the very first time I saw the game. We arrived at the movie theater to see Problem Child 2, and I caught the cabinet out of the corner of my eye. The loud visuals, the even more insane graphics and enemies, the music, it was game like this that made arcade experience the envy of mere children…


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The Game Awards 2023 Nominees Revealed

The Game Awards will premiere LIVE early December, and the list of nominations have been revealed. After a rather laconic 2022 that saw the field rather top-heavy with the success of Elden Ring and little else, 2023 saw the benefits of those delayed releases hitting the market. There's a wide variety of quality video games, so the nominees are…


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Ni No Kuni Developer Level-5 To Host 'Vision' This Month To Reveal Release Dates For 'Several Titles'

Studio Level-5, known mostly to international video game fans for their work on critically acclaimed franchises like the Professor Layton series and Yokai Watch, has plans to host a showcase of their own in November. Level-5…


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Call Of Duty: Warzone Creates New Way To Punish Cheaters; 'Say Hello To SPLAT'

In multiplayer games, the developers are always working to stay one step ahead of those who intend to break the rules for a competitive edge. Well, if you're going to punish cheaters, you may as well be entertained while doing it. Enter Call of Duty: Warzone staff's new deterrent, "Splat".

"Splat" will be an anti-cheating protocol that will…


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Super Mario Teams Up With Pottery Barn Teen

A new collection of Mario-themed home goods gear has just hit Pottery Barn Teen. From pillows to bedsheets, bags to string lights, there's a nice variety of items (if you can get past the price tag). …


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Shigeru Miyamoto Reveals A Live Action Legend Of Zelda Movie Is In The Works

The memes can finally be put to rest, and the A.I. generated images are no longer needed. For what has been a talking point since the inception of the internet, a Legend of Zelda movie, is officially confirmed. News of this broke from the father of Mario and many beloved Nintendo properties, Shigeru Miyamoto on Twitter/X in a Nintendo press…


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RETRO REBOOT | King Of Fighters 95 (Neo Geo/Arcade)

KOF 94 was a largely welcome fighting game from SNK that crossed over some personalities from Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, and Ikari Warriors. This was a cool way to expand the tales of the combatants from South Town with other SNK properties. More would be to come with its sequel a year later, in what would become an annual tradition throughout the…


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King Of Fighters XV DLC Trailer | Hinako Shijo Gameplay Reveal

Dropping the trailer hours earlier, fans can look forward to Hinako Shijo joining the King of Fighters XV roster next week. that's much sooner than many had speculated. With KOF XV's Season 2 content rolling forward, this is the first look at the high school female sumo wrestler's gameplay and story interactions with the existing roster. 



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Sony To Discontinue Twitter/X Integration On PlayStation

Matters have been rather topsy-turvy for Elon Musk and his handling of the social media platform, X, formerly known as Twitter. Since purchasing, a surge of harmful content and suspicious behavior (impersonating brands, for instance) from bot accounts have sent many…


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Phil Spencer Reverses Microsoft Decision To Take Away Employee Game Pass Subscriptions

In a based move that rights what would have been considered short-sighted and greedy, CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer swoops in to correct an error. Reporting earlier in the week stated that internal plans were to discontinue the free subscriptions to Game Pass Ultimate that were granted to employees in 2024. This was a fantastic perk for…


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Free Games Update | PlayStation Plus Monthly Games November 2023

With the Fall season rolling in and the holidays on the horizon, it's PlayStation's reveal for their free games. If you have a PS Plus on the Essential, Extra, and Premium tiers, these games will be available to you. For the PS5 and PS4, from Cold Iron Studio, Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Exclusively for PS4 owners, Bandai Namco's asymmetrical co-op…


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