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Free Games For March 2022: Nintendo Switch Online Service SNES & NES

The Nintendo Switch Online Service has spent the last several months beefing up its Expansion Pack portion of the platform with additions to the Nintendo 64 library. For a while, it appeared the NES and SNES catalogs were ignored for healthy amount of time. Nintendo perhaps saw this and added some offerings for the very tail-end of March. Coming to…


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Free Games For April 2022: Games With Gold

Rounding out the updates for free titles from subscription services, it's Xbox Live's Games With Gold from Game Pass Ultimate. From Lunar Great Wall Studios comes the steampunk fantasy adventure Another Sight, and the award-winning puzzle game from studio Fiddlesticks, Hue. Through Backwards Compatibility on the Xbox 360, the…


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Free Games For April 2022: PlayStation Plus

April's PlayStation Plus for April boasts some variety. From multiplayer, to platforming action, and deck-building adventure, free games for subscription members are here! For PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 is Hood: Outlaws and Legends from Sumo Digital. The other two titles exclusive to the PS4 are SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom…


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RETRO REBOOT - The Death And Return Of Superman (SNES)

The Man of Steel has certainly endured a rocky road in gaming, with some smattering offerings here and there. The computer games tried some variety, and to be fair, they were acceptable offerings for the medium. The Commodore 64 Superman experimented some different perspectives and play styles. Kemco Superman on the NES was...more on that another…


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One Piece Odyssey Trailer - A Full-Fledged JRPG And Original Story By Eiichiro Oda

Bandai Namco has revealed a trailer for a new game based on Eiichiro Oda's swashbuckling adventure manga and anime, One Piece. As a part of celebrating One Piece's 25th anniversary, this series' latest game will be a grand JRPG following the Straw Hat Pirates in an original story that's penned by the author himself. Production of the game is done by…


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Nintendo Has Scans Of 1996 Japanese Guide Book For Super Mario 64 Removed From Website

(Image: credit to NintendoWire/Comfort Food Video Games)

The stories of Nintendo's DMCA claims are no stranger to the gaming news circles. From striking down fan-made games, artwork, even gameplay clips from YouTube, the Big N brand's reputation for removing content involving their intellectual properties…


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Free Games For April 2022: Epic Games Store

A free games announcement towards the end of March! Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo dropped their offerings for their subscription services, so here's some free updates, courtesy of the Epic Games Store heading into April. Coming to the platform, the first-person action/adventure title from Uppercut Games, City of Brass, and the turn-based…


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RETRO REBOOT - Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Sega Mega Drive)

What's there to say about Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story? As a biopic of the famed martial artist, it was pretty enjoyable, though many of the cartoonish stretches of his history are very exaggerated. It was done for drama's sake, so like Jim Carrey's Man on the Moon, that can be forgiven. The aura of Bruce Lee bleeds well into the world of video games,…


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CD Projekt RED Announces New Witcher Game And Partnership With Epic Games To Use Unreal 5

The next installment of The Witcher has been officially confirmed to be in development from CD Projekt RED. The other portion of this news that's fascinating is the studio has revealed it will not be using their REDEngine for this next installment, but stated that a working relationship has been formed with Epic Games to utilize the new Unreal Engine…


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New Tekken Anime Series 'Tekken: Bloodline', Coming To Netflix

While the time table on any information regarding Tekken 8 may be a ways away, fans have something to look forward to from the competitors of the King Of The Iron Fist Tournament. A new adaptation titled Tekken: Bloodlines will be coming to Netflix, recanting the events following the Mishima family, the path of destruction that befalls young…


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Street Fighter V Champion Edition's Definitive Update And Final Roster Balance Patch

Street Fighter 6 details will be rolled out later this summer, but Street Fighter V: Champion Edition still has one final face to put on for its swan song. The highly anticipated last update for SFVCE offers a few tweaks to the playable characters and some bonus additions that will be available later this month. The new updates heading to the game…


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Server Issues Have Rendered Gran Turismo 7 Mostly Unplayable

While the reviews regarding Gran Turismo 7's gameplay have been largely positive, the PlayStation exclusive racer has seen some issues that are beginning to change to public perception on its design. Recently, the developer have rolled out GT7's downloadable content format and details show that unless the player intends to spend countless hours…


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Upcoming RiffTrax Video Game Lets You Rip Into Old Movies, Ala Mystery Science Theater 3000

RiffTrax, created by the legends behind Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and my personal comedy heroes), is now bringing the scathing lines from cinema to the world of video games. RiffTrax The Game is a multiplayer party game that will have players compete to make horrible movies funny. The game will boast over 250 clips from cinema's most horrid…


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RETRO REBOOT - T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage (NES)

Product placement is good for getting the brand out there. Slap the name on some merch, buy some billboard space, run some ads on TV. Video games aren't foreign or uncommon of this practice, corporations stick their commercial properties on such 8 and 16-bit works like McKids,…


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Paramount's Sonic The Hedgehog 2 'Last Trailer'

Paramount's newest trailer for the fan-anticipated sequel to 2020's financial and critical success Sonic the Hedgehog will be its final. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is less than a month away from its theatrical release, introducing the familiar face Knuckles the Echidna as Sonic's adversary, aiding Dr. Robotnik, who is looking to take advantage of the power…


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Free Games For March 2022: Nintendo Switch Online Service - F-ZERO X

Another update here in early March for free video games, and this is courtesy of the Nintendo Switch Online Service + Expansion Pack. Nintendo has put focus in making the Expansion Service as appealing as possible, and pundits and subscribers have been turning the corner on it. This month, a new (old) title hits the Nintendo 64 library with F-ZERO…


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The PlayStation State Of Play March 2022 Wrap-up

Sony's March 9 State of Play was an announcement that had been rumored, but the official statement seemingly came out of nowhere. This 25 minute presentation will showcase some upcoming games heading to the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 family of consoles in the near future.

Exoprimal (Coming 2023)…


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Game Creators Launch Charity To Provide Aid For Ukrainians

As turmoil and bloodshed break down over the Russian invasion in the Ukraine in these very perilous times with innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, there comes some positive news. A charity drive has been put together by developer Necrosoft Games (creators of Hyper Gunsport and Gunhouse) have collaborated with…


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RETRO REBOOT - Balloon Fight (NES)

Every now and then, a concept so simple can be a pretty stimulating game with a lot of replay value. Nintendo perhaps seemed inspired by the arcade classic Joust, which precedes Williams Electronics' game by two years, and put their own spin on the action platformer. Whenever I talk about Super Smash Bros.' legitimacy as a fighting game, I generally…


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Gran Turismo 7 Microtransaction Roadmap Require A Lot Of Grinding Or A High Price Tag

DLC and microtransactions are no longer an uncommon practice in today's video game atmosphere. Takes on them range from being very controversial to ambivalent. Gran Turismo 7 is the latest entry in Sony's exclusive racing series, and fans have taken notice of the cost of the game's monetization and how its in-game currency is…


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