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Konami Game Designer And Metal Gear Producer Implies 'Long Awaited' Announcement On The Way

Well, 2022 is coming to a close, so how about I provide another update from the workings of Konami? In recent years, the producer/publisher has kept their heads low as they have stated they were eager to get back into mainline console game development. Following some modest offerings like Super Bomberman R (which has a sequel planned for 2023),…


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Free Games For January 2023 - Xbox Games With Gold

The new year will roll out for Xbox Games With Gold, featuring two titles hitting the service come January that will test the intellect of the player. From NExT Studios (Metal Revolution, Bladed Fury) comes a 3D adventure puzzler Iris.Fall. And from Denki comes the simulation strategy game, Autonauts

Access to these…


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Free Games For Janurary 2023 - PlayStation Plus Premium/Essential/Extra Monthly games

Get your gaming ready for the new year with PlayStation Plus' lineup of free downloads for every tier, Premium, Extra, and Essential. Exclusively to the PlayStation 4, Bethesda's open world live service spin on the nuclear resource management survival game, the controversial Fallout 76. And for the PS5 and PS4, Respawn Entetainment's action…


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RUMOR: Nintendo Discarded Plans For A Switch Upgrade, Changed Focus On Next Gen Hardware

Ever since the Nintendo Switch launched and its specs were revealed, the conversations surrounding an upgraded version were as much of a dominating topic as its market success. Using modified Tegra X1 chips, it may have been clear that the Nintendo Switch would not be able to pack the punch of the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

Since the…


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VR Survival Game, Primal Hunt Official Trailer

This new VR experience developed and published by Phaser Lock Interactive, Primal Hunt pits you one-on-one against one of the animal kingdom's most fierce apex predators, DINOSAURS. Take down these ferocious reptiles, but be wary. The further along you proceed, the more advanced the dinosaurs become, as they soon become upgraded with high-powered…


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Sony's Reported Plans To Withhold Silent Hill 2 Remake And Final Fantasy VII Remake From Other Consoles, Microsoft Confirms

While the Federal Trade Commission has decided to take Microsoft to court regarding its purchase of Activision Blizzard, citing that the deal is not considered fair in the marketplace of business practices, the tech giant has began ramping up its rebuttal as the boot has gradually come down more firmly on the deal. One of the biggest oppositions…


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RETRO REBOOT - NFL Blitz 2001 (Nintendo 64)

The NFL Blitz window ended up being rather short-lived. That makes sense, as this style of arcade gaming was (stop me if you've read this on this editorial) becoming less commonplace by the end of the 90's, as Midway's reign on the western gaming world was loosening rapidly. I wasn't even that huge of a football fan when I was younger, but NFL Blitz…


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Guerilla Games Plans On An Online Multiplayer Game In The Horizon Franchise

If story-based, cinematic games pique your interest, then the Sony brand of exclusives are certainly for you. The PlayStation brand of exclusives has that covered for a large number of gamers. Titles under the Sony library, however, do not really tap into that online marketplace that many other third party developers have coined. 

When the…


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Free Games For December 2022: Nintendo Switch Online Service SEGA Genesis Expansion Pack

With the holidays around the corner, Nintendo didn't want to be left out of the equation with some free additions to the Nintendo Switch Online Service. This time, these new additions will be heading to the Sega Genesis library of the Expansion Pack. The classics include the brawler shooter Alien Storm, the match-three puzzler Columns, the fantasy…


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Chris Metzen Returns To Blizzard To Assist On World Of Warcraft

A familiar, and welcoming, presence has made a return to Blizzard Entertainment. Chris Metzen, veteran game designer and a legend among the community, has been confirmed to make a comeback to assist with expanding the ever growing lore of World of Warcraft. The news was brought to by Blizzard General Manager John Hight via Twitter.



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Animaniacs Returns On Hulu For Its Final Season

With much fanfare, the Warner Bros. (and the Warner sister) made their return to the public eye in 2020. The initial deal would honor two seasons, and it was met with generally overall favorable reviews. The two seasons were produced back to back, and season three is scheduled to launch February 13th, 2023, for its last season.…


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RETRO REBOOT - The Last Story (Nintendo Wii)

Developed by AQ Interactive and directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, The Last Story, one of the swan songs for the Wii console, is an RPG that strays away from the norm of most Japanese-styled games of the same genre. It introduces some interesting elements to its battle system, boasts a lovely visual style, and has a story that can suck you in and…


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Notable Trailers From The Game Awards 2022

Following a few years of isolation and remote digital events, The Game Awards 2022 hosted a large and lengthy ceremony that had a runtime over three hours. Most of the awards were won by Sony titles, exclusive Xbox nominees seemed essentially absent, Sonic Frontiers couldn't win anything, and many of the trailers for the upcoming games in 2023 and…


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Street Fighter 6 Lands An Official Street Date

With Street Fighter V wrapped up and the Capcom Pro Tour lowering the curtain on possibly the most divisive game in the franchise, the community eagerly anticipates more information on the upcoming Street Fighter 6. With more gradual character reveals and a second closed beta test (which begins December 16 - December 19 for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S,…


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New Patent From Microsoft Reveals An LCD Display Screen On The Controller

The modern Xbox controller has always been solid, seemingly following a "if it's not broke, don't fix it" moniker. Many were surprised that the launch of the Xbox Series X|S didn't come with a controller as progressive as the PS5 DualSense, instead opting to stick with a design and scheme that's close to the Xbox one Elite model (insert joke about…


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RETRO REBOOT - Caveman Games (NES)

In the early 90's and late 80's, every now and then, there's a couple of games that, regardless of their quality, you have zero problem throwing into your NES and just messing around. Since games from this era were also pretty tongue-in-cheek, which left them with an endearing quality. Caveman Games is one that I kinda don't care for as a game, but…


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Pokémon x Bear Walker Release Three New Skateboards

The legendary custom skateboard creator has teamed up with Pokémon yet again for another release of limited-edition boards. 

After the release of Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur boards, it's only fitting that the latest Bear Walker boards would be the first generation starters' final evolutions with Charizard, Blastoise and…


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Monster Hunter Rise Will Be Landing On All Console Platforms

Monster Hunter Worlds may have been far too massive a game to run on the Switch, so Nintendo fans got their hands on Monster Hunter Rise in 2021, and PC as well. Built off some of the mechanics and conventions utilized in Worlds, the adventures in Kamura Village proved to be a successful one, as Rise saw over 1.3 million unit sales in Japan during…


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Free Games For December: PlayStation Plus Premium/Extra/Essential

PlayStation Plus and its Essential, Extra, and Premium tiers will have some gifts wrapped for its subscribing members this December. Coming to the PlayStation 4, BioWare's remastered collection of its epic space exploration action RPG series, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. For both the PlayStation 5 and PS4, it's Biomutant,…


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Remembering Gerald Lawson, The Father Of The Video Game Cartridge

While here in the 21st century of the industry, there may be a potential future where physical gaming is becoming more a secondary option, there was a time early in video game's infancy where physical carts or game cards were merely an idea. This idea came to fruition, courtesy of the ingenuity of one Gerald "Jerry" Lawson, a computer engineer from…


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