October 2023 Blog Posts (26)

Developer Bungie Smacked With Layoffs, Delays Game Expansions

15 months after being purchased by Sony, Destiny 2 developer Bungie is now faced with studio and staff departures. The layoffs were confirmed by…


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RETRO REBOOT | NiGHTS Into Dreams (Sega Saturn)

The Sega Saturn is my favorite console ever, the library is packed with games I hold in high regard, when it comes to memories and quality. One of the things that was considered a detriment to its lack of success in the United States was the lack of a true Sonic the Hedgehog game. In recent years, one of the creators of Sonic, Yuji Naka-sempai's…


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Free Games Update | Nintendo Switch Online - NES, Game Boy

The Nintendo Switch Online Service catalogs will receive some chilling updates for the Nintendo Entertainment System via the Famicom and the Game Boy. This is perfect timing for the Halloween season. 

Heading to the Game Boy, the never-ending battle between the forces of good and Dracula continue in Konami's vampire-busting classic,…


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Microsoft Places Ban On 'Unauthorized' Third Party Xbox Controllers

It appears that Microsoft is cracking down on the use of unofficial third party controllers. According to a post in Resetera, a new update on Microsoft's support blog indicates that you will be…


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Pokémon 2023 Holiday Collection Released

The biggest release of the year for the Pokémon Center has arrived! 

While it's far too early to celebrate the year-end holidays (hello, it isn't even Halloween yet), the folks at Pokémon are looking ahead. A massive update to the website happened in two drops and there's a lot. Like a LOT. …


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Management Changes Take Place Within Microsoft, Sarah Bond Is New Xbox President

  • Sarah Bond Promoted to Xbox President 
  • Matt Booty is the new president of Game Content and Studios
  • Chris Capposela steps down from Microsoft

Now that Microsoft has successfully closed the deal on acquiring Activision Blizzard King for close to $70 billion dollars, they aren't resting on…


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REPORT: PlayStation 5 Slim's Optional Disc Drive Requires Internet Connection For Setup

The upgraded PlayStation 5 models, which features mostly some size reductions and aesthetic changes to their hulling predecessors, will be hitting this holiday season. No enhanced software specs, mind you. For those who want to forego the hard drive version, but apparently decide to change your mind, the digital-only model comes with the option to…


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RETRO REBOOT | Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Review (SNES)

Ghosts n' Goblins was always one of my most frustrating NES games, I've always hated it. I like my share of tough platformers, but the way it controlled and the necessity to beat it twice left it in the Battletoads tier of games that are nostalgic, but really kinda suck. Like most sequels, with the launch of the Super Nintendo, there was always the…


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Fallout TV Series To Begin Streaming on Amazon In 2024

The trend of video game adaptations continue. Fallout television series, developed by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan (who worked on the sci-fi hit Westworld), now has an official premiere date. Revealed on Prime Video's Twitter/X account. The post was made, simply reading "4-12-24".  …


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First Impressions | Super Mario Bros.Wonder Is A Return To Form, With Some Surprises

Nintendo's handheld hybrid console may be biding its time until Switch successor is ready to take the mantle, but until then, it's not quite out of steam just yet. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is packed with enough changes to throw curveballs at even the most seasoned veterans of platform gaming. …


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Nintendo Of America President Hints That Switch Successor May Support Backwards Compatibility

The success of the Nintendo Switch over the last seven years has been centralized around its accessibility and convenience. While rumors of the next console that's in the works have yet to be confirmed, one point has been on the topic of conversation; backwards compatibility. In the past, games you bought on one platform couldn't be ported over to a…


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Silent Hill Ascension Blends Video Gaming With A Streaming Television Series

A plethora of Silent Hill software is planed for the upcoming months and/or years, headlined by the announcement of the Silent Hill 2 Remake, set to launch as a timed exclusive on the PlayStation 5. Konami has provided the first look at Silent Hill Ascension, an interactive series developed by Genvid Entertainment, the team behind The Walking Dead:…


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RETRO REBOOT | Double Dribble (Nintendo Entertainment System)

If you remember when NBA Live was THE basketball game to play, then you're old as hell. If you remember when the ideal way to enjoy electronic interactive roundball was by popping Double Dribble into your NES, the nurse is set to bring you your dessert and to switch your television to reruns of JAG. And if you're still calling basketball "roundball"…


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RUMOR: Walmart Plans To Discontinue Sales Of Physical Xbox Games In The New Year?

Following the story several days prior of major retailer Best Buy doing away with physical media (at the time, video games are not included), another huge big box store may have plans to leave behind the practice of selling physical Xbox games, based on some speculation. take this reporting with a grain of salt.

While no official confirmation…


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Meet The New Voice Of Mario And Luigi, Kevin Afghani

With the retirement of Charles Martinet, the original voice of Mario and various Super Mario characters, earlier this year, some strong discussions have circled around who will take over the role behind the mic. It's been made official, and individual providing the pipes (ha, see what I did there?) for everyone's favorite Plumber Bros. will be Kevin…


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Microsoft Officially Closes ABK Acquisition, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Out After 2023

The deal is finally done, and Microsoft can formally welcome Activision Blizzard King under Xbox's umbrella. Originally announced and proposed in January of…


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Sony Rolls Out The New PlayStation 5 'Slim' For This Holiday Season

PlayStation's new model comes with state-of-the-art, quality of life choices for customers who may wish to upgrade, or haven't had a chance to grab a PS5 yet. Two enhancements to the PlayStation 5 and its all-digital consoles will roll out, with new designs, larger storage capacity, and different dimensions. Details are as follows, from…


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RETRO REBOOT | Is Super Mario Strikers Actually Any Good? (Nintendo GameCube)

Throughout history, the Super Mario Bros. sports titles have always had their charm. I have a soft spot for the golf games. The recent Mario Tennis titles, I consider underwhelming, still retain the spirit of a Mario game in there (they're thin on features). Super Mario Strikers ended up feeling like a good sports game that's lacking in…


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Hinako Shijo Is The Newest Addition To King Of Fighters XV

Season 2 of King of Fighters XV's rolls on, as announcements for its character roadmap continues. This latest trailer is more of an announcement of an announcement, as Hinako Shijo makes her return to KOF. A trained sumo wrestler, she debuted on the Women's Team in King of Fighters 2000.

As her mechanics are still likely being worked on for…


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Jing Liu's 'Myria Celestia - Cloud Knight's Doctrine On Swords' Trailer For Honkai: Star Rail

Genshin Impact developer Hoyoverse has released a new trailer for one of its newest characters in its upcoming 1.4 character banners for their turn-based free-to-play RPG, Honkai Star Rail. While the reveal live stream is a week away, teases and snippets of the characters have already been teased. The two five star additions will be…


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