February 2022 Blog Posts (22)

Free Games For March 2022: Xbox Games With Gold

Some more free games are announce for Xbox Games With Gold this coming March for subscribers. Coming to Game Pass is the survival game The Flame in the Flood and the fast-paced arcade football game Street Power Soccer. Through Backward Compatibility for the Xbox 360 is Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and SpongeBob's Truth Or Square. …


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Pikachu Moods Figures Back In Stock

Last year the Pokémon Center USA website released a line of Pikachu figures featuring various "moods." Each figure was released one at a time, with a two limit purchasing option. That didn't stop the bots and scalpers from sweeping most of them up instantly to turn around and sell on eBay for double and triple the price. 

If you didn't pay the…


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Free Games For March 2022: PlayStation Plus

It's that time to fill you readers in on some free game details coming from Sony. PlayStation Plus' offerings coming in March, along with some BONUS content for its subscribers. Exclusively for the PS5, the first-person cyberpunk action platformer Ghostrunner. Coming to both the PS5 and the PS4 will be Ghosts of Tsushima's…


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Activision Delaying A New Call Of Duty Game Beyond 2023

The Call Of Duty franchise has been a staple of mainstream gaming, especially in the age of streaming, for the better part of 17 years. In a decision that may surprise the community, publisher and developer Activision has decided to hold off on a new entry in the series for a year. According to…


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Sony Gives First Look At The PlayStation VR2

After lots of speculation and silence, PlayStation 5 owners finally have a peak at the next evolution of their virtual reality headset. PSVR was a success for the medium, selling over 5 million units in its lifetime and solidifying a market for VR gameplay. Pundits and fans have been clamoring for the PS5 follow-up. The new design offers a sleeker…


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RETRO REBOOT - Star Wars: Masters Of Teras Kasi (PlayStation)

"Why has Star Wars never attempted a fighting game?", is a question that has likely been asked. One would think that during the rising popularity of video games, along with the success of Star Wars interactive media, that a 2D tournament fighter would've been attempted. It never happened, until 1997's Star Wars: Masters of the Teras Kasi for the…


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Street Fighter 6 Teaser Reveal & Capcom Fighting Collection Announcement

As was written previously, the reveal many had expected was made official after the finale of Capcom Pro Tour's 2021 season, which showcased various First to 5 exhibition sets featuring the best Street Fighter V players from around the world. This event was in place of Capcom Cup, which was cancelled due to complications from the Omicron variant of…


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REPORT: Sources Say Capcom Is Very Likely To Reveal Street Fighter 6 Next Week

It's too perfectly timed. As of this writing, Capcom's Season Final Pro Tour is taking place (February 18-20), where 31 qualifying pro SFV players from regions around the globe battle in First to Five matches, and it will be the final Pro Tour season in Street Fighter V Champion Edition's lifespan. Last week, a cryptic countdown popped up on Capcom's…


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Nintendo To Discontinue eShop Functionality On Wii U And 3DS Platforms In 2023

While the Wii U and 3DS era for Nintendo has been long over, it'll pretty much be official after news broke earlier this week. It is a little surprising that the digital storefronts for the ill-fated console and 3DS line of handhelds remained open for THIS long, all things must come to an end, as Nintendo announced they will be decommissioning eShop…


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A Bioshock Movie Is In Development For Netflix

It may have been roughly nine years since the last Bioshock game, there is some news afoot for the series. Whether or not fans will take this as good or bad news is entirely subjective, but in the age of video games making another surge to the big screen, or in this case, streaming services, the opportunities are leaving studios and publishers…


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RETRO REBOOT - Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega Mega Drive)

Retro Reboot has been around for more than two years and I haven't reviewed an actual Sonic game? How on earth does that happen with a guy who reviews retro video games?Well, I covered Sonic Spinball, one of my…


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Nintendo Switch Sports Coming April 29

A mere 16 years later, Wii Sports is FINALLY getting its Switch sequel. Just announced this week, Nintendo Switch Sports is coming to the Switch on April 29, 2022. Preorders are already open online.…


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REPORT: Capcom Plans Major Changes To Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Resident Evil 4 Remake was announced in 2020, but there's been little details heard or seen since. Capcom has had their hands full with several mainline projects in recent years, and  have been following the success of the Resident Evil 2 and RE3 Remakes, which were met with critical acclaim. They patterned themselves after the revolutionary…


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Splinter Joins Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Dotemu's upcoming brawler that's serving as an homage to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games from the 80's and early 90's continues to build up hype. Last August, the Turtle's friend and Channel 6 reporter April O'Neil was revealed as a playable character. With this latest update, who better to aid the heroes in a half-shell in battle than…


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PlatinumGames Shows Interest In Wanting To Revive The Cancelled Scalebound

Fans still remember Scalebound, the once anticipated, but sadly scrapped action role-playing game that was going to be an Xbox One exclusive developed by PlatinumGames. Microsoft announced its cancellation in 2017, but still owns the property, leaving many to speculate whether or not a staff would be assigned to revamp or redo the project. It's been…


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How To Watch Nintendo's First Direct Presentation Of 2022

Nintendo Directs are like getting a surprise party from a Humble Bundle you didn't know you signed up for. It's been a little while since Nintendo's last Direct update (September 22, 2021), so they're filling the gap of that absence with a 40 minute presentation February 9 to share details on what fans can look forward to in early…


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RETRO REBOOT - The Simpsons Bart's Nightmare (SNES/Sega Genesis)

I have yet to tamper in the rabbit hole that is the Simpsons video games. Mostly because the good lot of them are pretty annoying platform games to revisit, boasting some very outdated controls, even for their time. Bart's Nightmare, however, stands out to me. It's simultaneously one of the more creative, yet frustrating Simpsons games during the…


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A New Horror Game In The Silver Falls Series Is Coming To The Wii U EShop

(Image: Silver Falls 3 Down Stars)

The poor Wii U has been abandoned, there's no reason to mince words about it. Nintendo's worst selling console (Virtual Boy notwithstanding) was declared dead on arrival once the Switch replaced it in 2017 and went on to become a very fast and high demand seller. The last…


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Saudi Arabia Buys A 5% Share In Capcom and Nexon Worth $1 Billion

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has shown a growing investment in technology and entertainment, partially in the interest of expanding on video games and eSports in the region. In late 2020, the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salam bought a majority share in SNK, aiding SNK in financial stability, as well as Activision Blizzard, Take Two Interactive, and…


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343 Announces A Delay To Halo Infinite's Forge Mode

Halo Infinite's development has certainly been troubled, but its release was met with considerable praise, as fans have enjoyed the multiplayer. Many pundits have labeled it as the best game in the series. No doubt, the pandemic has made production for many a company more than an arduous task, and Halo Infinite ended up being delayed an entire…


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