November 2021 Blog Posts (24)

RETRO REBOOT - Victorious Boxers: Ippo's Road To Glory (PlayStation 2)

I had a weird relationship with this game. When I first played it years ago, I thought it was one of the most unappealing titles ever. I suppose it was the closest to a mean-spirited edgelord I ever was, or trying to say things to be funny. Then I revisited it not too long ago when going over my collection of video games based on anime. Hajime no…


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Studio Eyeballistic Launches Petition Asking Warner Bros. To Allow Mortal Kombat Trilogy 4K Remake

(Image: Eyeballistic)

Petitions seldom go a long way towards being effective at having the influence of being noticed by the powers capable of hearing or seeing it, but occasionally there's a very good idea tucked away in them. One that was launched this morning on…


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The Game Awards Teases Big 'World Premiere' Being Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Sequel

The Game Awards cap off the end of the year, and along with presenting awards for the best titles, the ceremony is also peppered with game trailers and some surprise announcements. With one of the Game Of The Year nominees being Metroid Dread, which has been a solid success for the Nintendo Switch, becoming one of the fastest selling entries in the…


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Sony Patent Reveals Potential Dualshock Controller Grips For Mobile Device

(Image: SIE Japan's Patent)

Sony has shown an increased interest in porting games to PC, but it looks like their ventures may not stop just there. There's a chance that they may further consider expanding the PlayStation brand and its library into the mobile market, based on its latest…


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Free Games For December 2021: PlayStation Plus Games Leaked Ahead Of Announcement

(Updated: 11-28-2021, 9:24am)

It looks as once again, the PlayStation Plus titles ended up being leaked ahead of its December 1st announcement, and they're heavy on action RPGs. Coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4 is the action RPG from Counterplay Games, Godfall. From studio Cold Symmetry comes the challenging Dark Souls inspired…


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Free Games For December 2021: Xbox Games With Gold

It's that time of month for some updates of free games from Xbox Game Pass for December. Coming up next month, subscribers to Game Pass Gold and Game Pass Ultimate will have access to The Escapists 2 and Tropico 5. And through Backward Compatibility on Xbox 360, Robot Entertainment's tower defense strategy simulator Orcs Must…


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Sonic The Hedgehog Virtual Concert Coming November 30

Turn up the volume, Sonic fans! As part of the continued celebrations surrounding Sonic the Hedgehog’s milestone 30th anniversary, SEGA is teaming up with world-class EDM artist, DJ, and producer Steve Aoki,…


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I've talked about it before on here with Primal Rage, give me some giant monster Kaiju mayhem in my video games, and I'm likely down for it. And one of the granddaddies of that is Bally Midway's Rampage. Oddly, I didn't play this one in the arcades until way later in life and grew up with the NES version, so when I read that there was a third…


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Xbox's Support For Backward Compatibility Quietly Comes To An End

With the 20th anniversary of Xbox hardware being celebrated, a large number of Xbox titles were made available in a large update, which would end up being their FINAL additions. The 70 new games added includes F.E.A.R. and F.E.A.R. 3, , the Dead Or Alive Ultimate NIER, and the entire Max Payne series. The Game Fix podcast went over some of the notable…


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King Of Fighters XV Open Beta Test Begins

With character trailers that have been rolled out on a weekly (and sometimes biweekly) basis throughout 2021, SNK is closing in on King of Fighters XV's completion, giving fans more details about the game's build and design.

After the Chinajoy expo held back in early August, which revealed story info and the two newest characters for the latest…


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Warner Bros Games Reveals Smash Bro-style Fighter Multiversus

The cat may have been let out of the bag in late October when early design templates were leaked, but Warner Bros. Games has made it official. Taking the many intellectual properties under their umbrella, WB Games announces MultiVersus, their new crossover party fighter that throws their hat into the Super Smash Bros field of fighting…


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Dragonball: The Breakers Announcement Trailer

Generally known for their fighting games, this is certainly new territory for the Dragonball franchise, as it tries its aim at asymmetrical 7-v-1 co-op survival gameplay with the announcement of Dragonball: The Breakers. Taking a page out of Dead By Daylight, Dragonball: The Breakers takes place in the Cell arc.

Imperfect Cell, controlled by…


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RETRO REBOOT - Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Arcade)

While MKII remains one of my favorite entries in the series, Mortal Kombat 3 was a more pivotal game in terms of lore, and for good and bad reasons (the reasons are of my own opinion, mind you). The arcades were still booming at this time and fighting games were in the beginning of their golden age. Mortal Kombat remained a viable western alternative…


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Halo Infinite Beta Drops Today For PC and Xbox Series Consoles

343's latest installment in the Halo franchise is less than a month away. Seemingly out of nowhere, a multiplayer beta has become available for PC and Steam, along with Xbox Series X|S consoles, leading up to its release in December. There were some initial issues the app was having with a blue screen and an update was issued to remove the…


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X-Men 97 Coming To Disney Plus In 2023

Formally announced alongside a plethora of news from Marvel Studios, X-Men '97 will be a revival of the 90's animated series, picking up where the original series has left off. According to The Wrap, we have learned that living voice actors…


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Bandai Namco Entertainment Has Announced The Discontinuation Of Anime Collab Fighter Jump FORCE

Jump FORCE is an arena fighting game with the all-star lineup from many of the manga and anime characters featured in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump coming together to celebrate the publication's 50th anniversary in a 3D clash that was released in 2018. With notable personalities from series such as Fist of the North Star, Death Note,…


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YouTube Will Hide Thumbs Down Results On Videos From Public View

In a move the company has been experimenting with for a couple months, YouTube has decided to remove the thumbs down results from publicly posted videos. This choice has been said to help avoid dislike attacks, the act of mass thumbs-downing particular videos, on smaller channels. The company wants to improve inclusivity and feels this would be a step…


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Pokémon Center Holiday Gift Guide Is Here

The Pokémon Center has released their winter holiday collection along with a holiday gift guide. If you're a Pokémon collector, let me be the first to apologize to your…


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RETRO REBOOT - Altered Beast (Sega Genesis)

Another one of those Sega games that truly showed those peon fans of the 8-bit grey box Nintendo what they were missing out on by not owning a Mega Drive, Altered Beast helped roll in the rebellious attitude to gaming. But is this game actually good? I can't say that this one made its way into our system when we were younger more than other Genesis…


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Sega Allegedly Planning To Invest 1 Billion Dollars In Game Development And Studio Acquisitions

For the last year and a half, rumors about Sega being up for sale have been an on and off again topic, piquing in interest after Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax Media. In its recent earnings report, seems like anything but is in the works for their road map going forward. One of Sega Sammy's strongest means of annual…


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