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Playstation 5 Is Officially Real

This is not an upgrade, this is a whole new machine, and we might be getting it next year. 

That's according to Wired.com, who had a sit down with Mark Cerny, who is an executive at Sony of America.

The key question, is whether the console adds another layer to the sorts of experiences you already have access to, or if it…

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Best Buy Switch Leaks

It has been rumored since the reveal of Joker in Smash Bros Ultimate and according to a Best Buy leak, its actually happening. 

The above image, provided by Twitter user "Mystic", is of a Best Buy sales terminal which very clearly states that Persona 5 is headed to the Nintendo Switch. You can't order it just yet, but its…


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Overwatch Plans Leaked

This is mighty interesting, and since it is April Fools, take it with a grain of salt. The Overwatch dev team is planning some huge things for Overwatch in the next year, and it has been leaked.  

A lot of this stuff has already been talked about by the dev team. A few things I find really interesting. 

Quick play rule set? I…


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Borderlands 3 Is Now A Thing

Today, Gearbox took the main stage at a packed house of three thousand fans during Pax East 2019, and announced one of their most anticipated games ever. 

The anticipation for this game has been building for years, with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel being released in 2014, fans figured it wouldn't be long until Borderlands 3 got…


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PlayStation Direct Announcement Roundup

With Sony skipping E3 this year, they have decided to the Nintendo approach to video game announcements. So here the first, of what they are claiming many this year, PlayStation Directs! 

First up, Iron Man VR which they are claiming is coming out this year. …


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The Disney/Fox Acquisition Is Finally Upon us

12:02 A.M ET the morning of March 20th. 

The long awaited negotiation will finally come to an end and Disney will own 20th Century Fox for $71.3 billion.

It first started December of 2017 when Disney showed interest in purchasing 20th Century Fox. It went back and forth, and then mid way through 2018, Comcast joined the bidding…


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The Behemoth Teases Castle Crashers

One of the pinnacle indie games that has come out in the last 10 years is from a little studio called "The Behemoth". The game is called "Castle Crashers" and its a 4 player co-op side-scrolling brawler, where you pick one of 4 different colored knights (later patches added more characters) and go from area to area beating up monsters and…


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Disc-less Xbox 1 S Coming Soon

We could be getting a disc-less Xbox 1 S console in the not so distant future. 

First detailed by Brad Sams. The new console is code named "Xbox Maverick" and is supposed to launch some time in Q1 of 2019. According to sources speaking with Windows Central, this new console is going to release in May 2019, with pre-orders going live sometime in…


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Break Down Of Pokemon Direct

In an all new short 7 minute Nintendo Direct, they will finally be announcing the newest entree into the Pokemon franchise. Mentioned at E3 2017, people have been long expecting a new game and its finally here!  

Ladies and gentleman, I give you generation 8. …


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Hero 30 Has Been Unveiled Onto The World

Baptiste, combat medic. A DPS\Healer hybrid. He is similar to Moira, but doesn't require his damage to charge his healing. 

His primary weapon is similar to Soldier 76's, but fires in 3-round bursts. It also comes equipped with a Biotic Launcher. Basically a grenade launcher that shoots out a healing grenade that provides his team with AOE…


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Could Game Pass Be Coming to Switch?

Its a very strange time to be a gamer. With company's competing with each other for sales, they are also finding strange ways to befriend each other too, like with cross play functionality. 

But in an even stranger turn of events, we maybe getting Xbox Live on the Nintendo Switch. 

In a listing for their GDC 2019 schedule. It said that…


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Reggie Says Farewell

Sad news to report this afternoon. 

Long time president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, has announced that he is stepping down effective April 15. He is said to be replaced by marketing man Doug Bowser (insert Bowser jokes here). 

Reggie has been the face of Nintendo of America for 15 years. Every event, every Direct. He…


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Huge Switch Rumor

Yesterday, I posted an article about a possibility that Nintendo is going to be reviving a game that was thought to be dead. 

Today I am posting a new leak that blows this wide open. 

"Nintendo Insider" is reporting that a source close to the project is telling them that the game Nintendo is reviving is.....…


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Rumor: Nintendo To Resurrect A Long Dead Franchise

Nintendo Switch seems to love the rumor mill. There are currently two rumors going around regarding the little tablet that could. Imran Khan - senior editor for Game Informer - went on the "Kinda Funny Games" podcast on February 13th - a day before the Nintendo Direct. He dropped 2 very interesting hints, and who would know better than the editor to…


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Daemon x Machina - Demo Impressions

This is just going to be my impressions of the demo that was released after the Nintendo Direct a few days ago. I put about 2 hours into this game, and while I didn't finish the demo. I did experience a lot of what the game has to offer. Here are my thoughts on that experience. 

When this game was first announced at E3 2018, I had high hopes…


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Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019

After months of speculation, we finally got our direct, and what a great one it was. So lets get to the break down! 

Super Mario Maker 2 is coming this June. They have added a lot of new building features to the game judging by the announcement trailer. They also added a new style based on Super Mario 3D Land. The first Mario…


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Twitch Rivals: APEX Legends - Challenge

Today, Twitch.tv teams up with Apex Legends to bring you the first of its Challenge series.

Here is an overview of the rules. 

"Each event features 16 three-player squads. Streamers from North America and EMEA are representing their territories, with a total of 48 competitors. Each squad will compete to earn the most points, with 5…


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The Chart Game

I remember as a kid, many many moons ago, of just walking into a toy store or department store and purchasing a game. Give them money, they give me the game. 

Years later, Collectors Edition became a thing. A more expensive version of the same game that came with added stuff. Some had maps, a steel case, a statue, maybe even an art book. 

Now a days? You get this. …


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Marvel Partners With Hulu

Hot off the heals of the successful TV series "The Runaways". Marvel and Hulu have just announced 4 more shows. The new adult animation series is going culminate into a crossover titled "The Offenders", an obvious play on Netflix's "The Defenders" cross over. 

Here is the press release detailing the show names and what they are…


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Division 2 - My Thoughts

I have been playing The Division 2 Private Beta. So far, I am really enjoying it, but then again I also liked the first game. I like these shooter\looter games and between this one and Anthem. I ended up going with Division 2. 

The Division's first year was marked with issues and complaints. Most of which were fixed in the 1.8 update. Division…


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