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PTR Charger Changes In Overwatch

OverWatch game director Jeff Kaplen has posted a developer update to the Overwatch YouTube page detailing some character changes coming to the PTR and some thoughts on what they will be doing to future characters. 

These are some interesting…


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OWL Week 5 Results and Stage 1 Playoffs

Wow... What a week. Dreams were crushed and dreams were made. Boston, after having an amazing set against Philly, failed to beat Houston (in, IMO the best set of high level Overwatch we have seen) too secure their playoff spot. After having a rough start, Dallas managed to win a game in a dominate fashion. If…


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Stop With The Trailers. We Want The Game

The D23 expo is going on right now in Japan. For those who don't know, D23 is the Disney fan expo. It covers everything from movies, to TV shows, to of course. Gaming.

This year is no different. 

Ladies and gentleman. I give you, the 300th trailer to Kingdom Hearts 3. 

Along with the trailer, we got a release date.…


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(Edited) Developing Story From The Overwatch League That You Can't Miss

Last Sunday I report that Geguri has been signed to an OWL team. It took 48 hours for this news to change drastically. 

Where it started was a reddit post, saying that during a live stream. Geguri commented that she was picked up by "a foreign team" and gave no other information on it. The rumors started flying on what team picked her up. Names like Dallas and Boston were flying around, as she has ties to both of those teams in one way or another. 

The next day it was…


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OWL Week 4 Results An Standings

Not a super big week in terms of upsets but, a lot did happen. First off, this was the week of sweeps. Out of the 12 games total played this week, 8 of them were 4-0's (which lead to the new meme "4-0verwatch"). So nothing exciting at all. The Dragons once again lost all of their matches and are…


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OWL Week 3 Results And Standings

The upsets are real. 

While teams are getting more and more comfortable with each out, learning their habits, good and bad, teams are going to get naturally better working together as a unit. This is the week where it paid off. Upset, after upset, after upset. From Boston, to New…


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OWL Week 2 Results And Standings

Its that time again. Overwatch League Season 1 week 2. 

Current Standings as of January 23rd. 

Team Overall Record Map…

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Nintendo Is Selling Cardboard

Earlier this morning, Nintendo's official UK twitter announced that they were going to have a special announcement later in the afternoon about a game that was going to be a "new interactive experience for the Switch". 

Well, 5 minutes ago Nintendo made that announcement. Here it is below. …


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OWL Week 1 Results

Last week was the inaugural season of the Overwatch League and man, what a week. We saw upsets, insane Widow action, and one of the best Roadhog players in the world doing his thing.

With zero surprise, Seoul Dynasty started off very strong. Starting the season with a 2-0…


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OWL Is Upon Us

After months of preparing and pre-season fun. Today marks the first official day of the Overwatch World League (OWL) and I am going to be breaking it down for you so you're ready for season 1 week 1 stage 1.  

What is…


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Who Is Hero 27?

With Moira only having been out for a month, the speculation is on. 

Who is Hero 27? 

During an interview with Jeff Kaplan conducted by PC gamer. Kaplan said, when asked about the next hero. 

“A surprise that has perhaps been hinted…


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Return Of Some Old Friends

Last night, at Capcom Cup 2017, Yoshinori Ono took to the stage to announce the Season 3 characters for Capcom's latest Street Fighter game. 

I see some familiar faces in that list and some new ones. 

Sakura, Blanka, Cody, and Sagat are the returning fan favorites of the Street Fighter…


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30 Years Of Fighting On The Street

I grew up in the 80's and 90's. I had the privilege of playing in the arcades when I was a kid. I remember my mom going to bingo and my dad taking me to the arcade across the street with 10 dollars. …


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Ready Player One

Ready Player One started as a book released in back in 2011 by a man named Ernest Cline. Ernest is a geek. He loves all things pop culture, and expressed that love in the 2009 movie "Fanboys". While Fanboys didn't receive any commercial success, it was loved by many people, giving it the "cult hit" status of movies.

Ready Player One was his first novel he had written, this time its about gaming. Its a throw back to all things 80's with pop culture references and 80's gaming…


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The Blue Bomber Is Back

On December 17th of 1987, Capcom released what would be considered a classic gaming franchise. Mega Man, for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


This year marks the 30th anniversary of the franchise. Since its release, there have been a lot of Mega Man games, and even more spin off games. And then, nothing. There was supposed to be a game released a few years ago called Mega Man Universe.…


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Heroes Of The Storm

There has been a few updates posted on the Heroes youtube page. The first one details the new Christmas themed event and shows off Hanzo's Master skins. 



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(Blizzcon) Battle For Vanilla

So far Blizzcon 2017 has been insane with hype announcements. From Hearthstone (which I didn't cover, sorry guys!), Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch. 

But we not done yet. 

The World of Warcraft had 2 new announcements at Blizzcon 2017.

First off. Everybody wanted it, and…


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(Blizzcon)We Got A New Overwatch Support

We got a much needed support for Overwatch. Just announced at Blizzcon. Moira. As Jeff Kaplin said. It is spelled "OPAF". Oh silly Jeff, this is why we all love you. 

You can see just how OPAF she is below. Spoiler, its a lot. …


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(Blizzcon) Heroes Of The Storm Adds Two New Characters

During the Blizzcon 2017 opening ceremony, Kaeo Milker (senior producer) took the stage to talk about Heroes of the Storm and how far it has come since last year. He states that they have doubled the maps and the heroes since launch. But they're not done yet. 

We are then greeted…


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Only Ten Days Until Blizzcon

As of this writing, we are just 10 days away from Blizzcon. The annual convention celebrating all things Blizzard Entertainment. 

For those who aren't in the know, or are new to Blizzard. Every year they do a convention, its basically their version of E3. They hold panels, Esport events,…


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