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Shantae 5 Has A Name

We have another title in the much beloved Shantae series. WayForward announced today that the next title in the franchise will be called "Shantae and the Seven Sirens". 

The new game has our hero Shantae team with her friends to try to find the other half-genies (Seven Sirens). Wayforward has said that its going to be a non-linear,…


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Nintendo Switch Trade In

Nintendo has just released their "new" Switch model into the world. With that, Gamestop is actually doing something cool... I know right. 

From August 12th til September 15th, you can bring your older model Nintendo Switch unit and $75 to upgrade to the newer model of the Nintendo Switch. 

The catch? Cause there is always a catch. The…


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Disney Scraps A Bunch Of Fox Movies

With the 20th Century Fox acquisition all said and done. Disney is now trying to a balance between their current movie releases and those of Fox. 

Fox had 276 movies in development - Not counting the movies set to be released soon (Terminator: Dark Fate). Disney just canceled a majority of them.... as in all of them but a dozen or so. 

Here is a…


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How To Kill The Hype

If you are wondering why the hash tag "boycottborderlands3" is currently trending on Twitter right now. Well, it's a rather long story. 

It all starts with a Youtuber - SupMatto.

SupMatto is a Borderlands YouTuber who has been covering the game for 7 years now. He has also been hyping up the newest game, Borderlands 3, which is scheduled…


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New Street Fighter 5 Characters Revealed

Street Fighter 5 just got 3 new characters revealed ahead of Evo 2019, thanks to a leak by Steam. 

Earlier in the week, Steam leaked a video of 3 new characters that were being released for Capcom's Street Fighter 5 fighting game. The characters were supposed to be unveiled at this years Evolution Championship Series (Evo) which starts tomorrow…


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Nicktoons Are Coming Back

I used to love the old Nicktoons, and Rocko's Modern Life was simply amazing. It was aimed at a younger crowd, but it also had a very adult vibe to it. 

Well, we will be able to relive this starting next month when Netflix brings us two nostalgia filled cartoons back, but this time in movie form. 

August 9th is the premier of…


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The Overwatch Leak Was Correct

Last week I reported on a leak from Team Mexico's Twitter account. You can read that leak right here.

In it, I talked about Jeff Kaplan having a sit down with none other than Seagull. Seagull questioned Jeff about Sigma, to which Jeff replied…


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Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC Plans

Marvel's Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order has been released today exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. 

This is also San Diego Comic Con weekend, so a lot of info has been revealed about the title. …


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Overwatch Hero 31 Leaked

This has been a huge Overwatch day. So lets begin. 

The Leak

The above image is a screen cap from the Mexican Overwatch Community leader. Notice something strange about his character play time? …


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Another new Switch Model?

The Switch is getting a new model... well sorta. While it's not the rumored "pro" model thats been rumored, it is an upgrade to the current models. The biggest upgrade is the battery life. 

The original…


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Switch Lite

One of the big rumors for E3 was Nintendo was going to announce a new Switch model. That didn't happen. 

However, they did end up announcing a new Switch Model... in the middle of July.

The Nintendo Switch Lite.

This leaner version of the Nintendo Switch is focused more on portability then anything else. Sporting a sleeker design…


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The Nintendo Age Of Censorship

Nintendo has had a history of censoring their games. From turning blood to sweat in the original Mortal Kombat to removing religious symbols from The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo went a little crazy with their censorship rules.…


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KORG & Nintendo At It Again

IPad DJ's take note. You will now be able to use your Nintendo Switch to put on concerts! 

KORG will be releasing a version of its music creation software "KORG Gadget" for the Nintendo Switch. Titled "KORG Gadget 3.0" and being released on July 11th for the Nintendo Eshop. This update brings the software more in line with the iOS and Android…


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Nintendo E3 Direct

Nintendo never does E3. They always do a direct, and the last few E3 Directs have been really good with setting the company, and the fans up, for what to expect in the coming year and beyond. This one was no exception. 

Lets get started. Before we get into the games and release dates, I want to get Super Smash Bros Ultimate out of the…


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Schedule Of E3 Keynotes

Well it's that time of year again. Time for E3. I am going to break down the schedule and predictions from the entire Game Fix staff along with some opinions from yours truly.  

So lets do this! 

Saturday, June 8th

EA Play

Time: 9:15 AM PT/ 12:15 PM…


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Pokemon Direct 6/5/2019

Generation VII of the popular monster collecting franchise is almost upon us. In a 15 minute direct posted today, producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori went into detail about what we can expect from the newest entree in this long franchise. So lets break it all down.  

The games are set in the Galar region which has…


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Magic The Gathering: The Animated Series

Netflix announced this morning that they are teaming up with Hasbro to bring us an animated series based around the popular Collectible Card Game known as Magic: The Gathering.

Best yet, the series is going to be over seen by Joe and Anthony Russo. The Russo's are known for their extensive work on Marvel's Cinematic Universe, having been the…


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The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

Jim Henson, American puppeteer and animator known for his educational children's show Sesame Street, and about 30 other properties. Basically, if there was anything that had to do with puppets, there is a really good chance that Jim Henson (and Frank Oz) had something to do with it. The mans talent was limitless.

In 1982 Jim Henson created one…


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Video Game Of Thrones

There have been rumors flying around the interwebs for years now about a Game of Thrones video game. Some suggestions going around have been an MMO to a "souls-like" game all the way to a card based board game.  

Then in April it was rumored that George R.R. Martin was working with a Japanese video game company on an upcoming…


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The War Is Over

This is kinda huge. 

Announced today, and right out of left field, Sony and Microsoft are partnering up. Yeah I was caught off guard by this also. What does the new partnership entail? 

They both want to enhance customer's experiences in a new "direct-to-consumer" entertainment platform that will use the power of the cloud to bring…


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